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Useful Phrases to crack a Job Interview

FastInfo logoBy FastInfo Class Published On 26 Jun 2021 Category Spoken English

Once we aim for a higher position and Dream big, interviews keep knocking on our doors. We're all looking for our ideal career, one that pays well and gives us a sense of fulfilment. But it doesn't imply you'll want to reorganize your belongings every time you have a job interview!
In each job interview, a few catchphrases, responses, and a list of frequent terms come in handy. Several offline and online Soft Skills and Interview Preparation courses give you the impression that getting through job interviews is like a piece of cake. In this post, we'll go over several words and terms that come handy as we face an interview.

1. Describing yourself---> The recruiting manager will want you to explain yourself and mention yourself. They have to be sure if you're OK to suit well with their organization. So, it’s your chance to flaunt your qualities with some good adjective phrases as below:

  • Easy-going
  • Calm
  • Hard-working
  • People person
  • Committed
  • Trustworthy
  • Honest
  • Focused
  • Methodical
  • Proactive
    Example: “I love operating as a part of a team!” / "I believe in team play."

You can use intensive terms like “very, extremely, really” to put stress.

2. Talking regarding your strengths---> Next comes the phase wherever you have to brag regarding yourself with confidence while not sounding too proud! Affirmative, the interviewers can expect to listen to your strengths directly from you. The work you are applying for wants some skills and usually, you will have to impress them with the following or similar positive phrases and terms:

  • “I am good at Organizing things.”
  • “I excel at multitasking.”
  • “Accepting new challenges is my speciality.” 
  • “Interpersonal skills and communication are my strengths. I will try this all day!” 
  • "I adjust to new environments easily." 

These are some general phrases. You will apply similarly for your technical strengths, like having the flexibility to speak foreign languages or having in-depth information throughout a selected discipline.


3. Describing your past expertise or lecturers ---> If you have had employment before, highlight the best experiences and achievements (if any) throughout this phase. If you are a fresher, mention educational degrees relevant to the current job.
Here are units, some sample phrases:

  • “I have 5 years experience of/as....……”
  • “I served the previous company as...." 
  • "I was promoted to the position of...……”
  • “I was awarded the "XYZ Award" in my previous company.” (Carry a certificate or documented proof of the same)
  • “I have secured a complicated degree in "any discipline" and passed with a primary category Distinction.”

These points are already mentioned in your resume, therefore explaining to type the expertise is half attention-grabbing and convincing.

4. Describing your goals ---> Here’s your moment to let the enquirer recognize why you'd just like the work and if you are a horse of long run at the end of the day. Enable them to comprehend your goals in future and wherever do you see yourself at intervals succeeding a few years. Let us look at some sample phrases.

  • “I hold a desire to explore/flourish my career within the field of company training/as a high-quality Analyst, as a store secretary.”
  • “I am positive about your company giving me better scopes to utilize my excellence.”
  • “I trust my skills will create new avenues in your company in a really short time.”

So, as you will see, it’s very important to fret about what you're thinking about your future throughout this company. Your enquirer would like to be convinced that you will rock the job position. Don’t exaggerate, but make your points clear!

These are a number of the common phrases which we will use in interviews, and most of them assist you to leave an enduring impression on the interviewers. The more you polish yourself, the more you practice saying these phrases, the higher you get with the communication skills for your interviews.

To be very honest, a presentable personality and impressive lines can get you to crack any interview if you've got the core subject knowledge.

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