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Our spoken English classes are designed to improve the skill of speaking English with the support of proficient experienced faculties. Our course is planned in such a way that a beginner learner can learn it smoothly to become a pro. You will gain confidence in speaking out, and gradually you will be an excellent English speaker 

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Beginner Friendly

Our spoken English for beginners online course is exclusively made for entry level aspirants who have little to no knowledge of English

Mastery inGrammar

Grammar is not difficult. We make it so lucid that you have never imagined ever before. You’ll learn it once you join us

Easy Vocabulary Expansion

We focus on easy Vocabulary Expansion from Everyday life. Situation-based vocabulary learning is easy to learn and remember

Mock Test and Practice Class

Doubt clearing, mock tests and frequent practice classes are our unique features to make students active speakers of English

Making Job Interview Ready

We guide you on how to introduce yourself in English, develop your personality, and crack an interview. We make you job ready

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This CourseIs For You If


are nervous about speaking out any sentence in English in an interview, public speaking, etc.


cannot crack a job at an MNC or lose your job for inability to speak English fluently. Choose a course


feel that your promotion is postponed because you cannot communicate with seniors in English


don’t have enough time to join regular classroom-based courses. Ours is online & flexible


are keen to learn spoken English but are searching for the best online course… FastInfo Class® is for you

WhyFastInfo Class® ?

All our faculties are trained, knowledgeable and globally acclaimed for their teaching capabilities. They have some special techniques to teach English so that every individual can grasp it properly. Their English-speaking training is so unique that it makes you feel at home quickly.

Our teachers are punctual and professional, maintain a positive attitude, acknowledge your progress, and accordingly take steps. When a student is not motivated to learn a foreign language, our teachers inspire them. After all, their amusing way of teaching keeps all motivated in learning spoken English.

While teaching, our faculty will provide you with online materials, whatever you need. If you require sheets for word notes, idioms, phrases, or any other things, you will get online study materials. Then, you can download it and keep it saved on your accessible devices.

We always go for daily monitoring after each class. We also clear up the doubts about the entire class the teachers have just concluded. So, you will get a clear process to learn that works for every student to learn professional spoken English.

The prime feature that the students get from us is flexibility. If you have a busy schedule, you may not be comfortable with regular off-line classes. Hence, the flexibility of selecting your time for joining our classes makes it unique. Choose your time in your schedule and join our classes. Isn’t it helpful?

We make all our job-seeking candidates job-ready so that they can crack the interview at the first trial. We teach how they should develop personality, and prepare for “tell me about yourself” and many other tricks that help. You will be job-ready, and you will be confident enough to get jobs as per your skills. Spoken English will not create any burden to get a job.

OurSpoken English Courses

Spoken EnglishGroup Classes

Duration:3 months

Admission fee: 499/-

Classes: 3 days/week

Batch Size: 1 Teacher/30 students (max )

English Gym:x

Recorded Video:x

Lifetime Access:x

Spoken EnglishSuper 3

Duration:3 months

Admission fee: 0/-

Classes: 3 days/week

Batch Size: 1 Teacher/3 students

English Gym:

Recorded Video:

Lifetime Access:

Spoken EnglishIndividual 1:1

Duration:1 month

Admission fee: 0/-

Classes: 6 days/week

Batch Size: 1 Teacher/1 student

English Gym:

Recorded Video:

Lifetime Access:

Who Can EnrollFor Our Course

Manager andTeam Leads

Sales & marketingprofessionals

Consultants andBusiness Owner

Customer SupportStaff

Any Working Professionals

Studentsor Anyone

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Meet Our Faculty

Each of our faculties are carefully handpicked keeping an eye on their experience and quality of teaching so that the concepts are easily understood even by a layman.

Ronit Mukherjee

Ronit Sir

Sr. Spoken English Teacher

Keya Banerjee

Sanchita Ma'am

Sr. Spoken English Teacher


Upahar Singh

Upahar Ma'am

Spoken English

M.A B.Ed

Sunanda Banik

Sunanda Ma'am

Spoken English

M.A M.Ed

Sneha Kumari

Sneha Ma'am

Spoken English


Pooja Palel

Pooja Ma'am


3 years of Experience

Satarupa Das Abantika Singh Seli Das Manik Hazra Anirban De Bidisha Dey Meghna Roy Ravi Bhardwaj Afsha Ali Anindita Das Debobrata Stuti Sinha Kajal Negi Zainab Asghar Abantika Abigail Apurva Chandni Neha Chuhan Sruthi A

.... Many more

What we cover in our English-speaking courses:

  • Introductory Class
  • Screening of Students
  • Parts of Speech
  • Tenses
  • Division of all Tenses
  • Modals
  • Doubt-clearing sessions
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Voice Change
  • Direct and indirect speech (Narration)
  • GD and Debates
  • Reading Session
  • Listening Skill
  • Role Play
  • Pronunciation Master Classes

What you will learn:

  • We try to remove MTI or mother tongue influence while speaking English.
  • Master in spoken English with British and American English accents with our English-speaking courses. However, British Accent is widely acceptable to most of the corporates. You should learn neutral accents to which we give importance.
  • We teach how to pronounce a word or the complete sentence through articulation methodology.
  • We teach the intonation, stress on vowel or consonants, reduction of sound, silent sound, and other rules of articulation
  • Students will learn the rules and exceptions in silent sounds, long vowels and more.
  • Learn pronunciation from 13-years experienced English faculty.

Why online classes?

A lot of people still consider offline classes to be preferable to online classes. But by the grace of online video classes, online classes are no less than face-to-face learning. You can get a lot of benefits when you take up our spoken English course online.

Easy to ask an unlimited number of doubts as the classes are going on online but face to face.

  • Comfort from home (Stay Home & stay Comfortable)
  • There are no hassles for travelling and travelling discomfort
  • No waste of time for travelling
  • Convenient to take classes at your convenience
  • Classes focused on the topic you require more
  • Course types for students

Depending on the demands of the students, we have 3 types of courses:

Benefits of Super 3 Spoken English classes:

  • This course is conducted only with 3 students
  • Individual Guidance and Course Module Declaration
  • Beginner-Friendly Curriculum
  • Concise teaching and assignment to Practice English
  • Complete Grammar Lessons with practice classes
  • Supervision on Writing Styles and Techniques, guiding accordingly
  • Improvising Listening Skills for Better English Communication
  • Practices of Articulation and English Pronunciation
  • Daily Performance Tracker with Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Industry-Standard Presentation Techniques

Benefits of Individual One-One English classes

  • Listening skill enhancement
  • Reading skill improvement
  • Professional Writing Lessons
  • Improve accuracy in grammar
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Personality Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Art of conversation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Business Counselling
  • Interview Preparation
  • Personal Grooming

Benefits of Group classes:

Group class of FastInfo Class® is highly popular among all other spoken English courses. This course is designed for a maximum of 30 online students, with all the major facilities of online spoken English training or our organization. The charges are extremely low (Rs.299/- per month). The course duration is 6 months, with 3 days of classes per week. You can pursue the spoken English course at your convenience.

Why group class?

  • Cost-effective
  • Get enough time to learn gradually (6 months)
  • Qualified faculty teaches you spoken English 
  • Learn grammar and vocabulary in an easy way
  • Take care of each student to improve their spoken skill
  • They give importance to pronunciation
  • Study material downloading opportunity
  • You will get query-solving sessions
  • Learn how to develop your personality
  • Get interview ready after completing the course
  • Maximum 30 students in an online batch
  • That is why, most of the candidates like to pursue spoken English courses from FastInfo Class®.

What you will learn from the course?

1) Grammar

  • Applied Grammar and its Usage Training
  • How to carry on Non-Verbal Communications
  • Intonation improvement
  • Focus on Phonetics
  • One-word substitute
  • Root word identification
  • Innovative Word Games to Build Vocabulary

2 ) Communication

  • We help you develop conversational skills to express yourself in English
  • Express any situation, past experiences, etc. in English
  • How to speak fluently and effectively with co-workers
  • Professional Presentation technique and related conversation
  • Brush up your Proficiency in Group Discussion
  • We make you a Confident Public Speaker
  • We teach you how to ask a proper question that the listener understands and responds to.

3 ) Personality Development

  • Grooms your Personality and trains up Soft skills
  • SWOT analysis technique applied to Develop Personality and Skills
  • Mock Interview sessions, analysis Solutions and Tips are provided for
  • Stress-controlling technique training during mock Interview Sessions
  • PowerPoint Seminar is held to improve your PowerPoint presentation skills with confidence

Who is this course for?

The course is exclusively for almost all in this modern world. Still, we feel our online spoken English classes are best for:

  • Manager and Team Leads
  • Sales & marketing professionals
  • Consultants and Business Owner
  • PR and Communication Professionals
  • Any Working Professionals
  • Students or Anyone

Basic Spoken English is easy to learn when you pursue a course from FastInfo Class®. The course is designed for everybody. Students should learn spoken English for speaking in the convent schools. On the other hand, they can be good public speakers if they learn spoken English.

What do you need to pursue the course?

When you are planning to pursue an online spoken English course, you should have a smartphone, tablet PC, laptop, or computer with a complete communicational setup. Along with all these, you should have a powerful internet connection.

Why is spoken English learning so essential in today’s world?

Learning spoken English is so important today because it is an international language and easy to learn. Most of the higher study materials are written in English. In this age of globalized business, International business communication, IT communication, job interviews, job promotions, etc. demand highly professional English. If you are planning to pursue spoken English classes online, there is no other good option other than FastInfo Class®. Before you are admitted anywhere to learn spoken English at your convenience, it is necessary to find the best institute where you will get top-notch teaching faculty. We are certified to provide top-class spoken English courses for students. You also should find the ratings of the institute in Google or Trustpilot. We have 4.6 and 4.5 ratings respectively.

The employees of industries require spoken English

  • Business management and international business
  • Hospitality and Tourism industries
  • Retail and banking industries
  • IT and customer support
  • Sales and marketing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Health care and nursing industry
  • Higher education and foreign study

What are the advantages of pursuing an English course from FastInfo Class® ?

1. Customized Learning Paths:

Every learner has different dreams, and so do their learning requirements. Our spoken English courses are designed to match your needs and requirements, whether you are a beginner or a learner with little bit of knowledge.

2. Interactive Classes

Our spoken English language course is designed with LIVE classes where you will get English conversations, discussions, grammar classes, pronunciation classes, vocabulary learning classes, and real-life scenarios simulating the actual communicative situation. Our spoken English classes foster active participation with the role plays and mock tests that help you the most.

3. Comprehensive Curriculum:

Our spoken English classes cover grammar, conversational skills, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more that help you prepare for job interviews, public speaking, promotions, project presentations, and more. Our spoken English lessons are carefully structured so that you can develop your spoken English fluency on a strong foundation.

4. Experienced Instructors

At FastInfo Class®, the students will learn from the highly qualified, globally reputed faculty. Apart from teaching how to speak in English, you will get individual feedback that helps develop the spoken skill individually. Throughout the journey to the world of English language learning, mild and inspiring feedback and support to correction will help you a lot

5. Flexible schedule:

Our online spoken English classes are designed in such a way that you can learn it at your homely convenience. No matter whether you are a job seeker or a job holder, you will learn the English language at your flexible time. We know you are running fast for the demands of life, and we are finding the scope where you are free to learn. So, choose your convenient time of day and pursue our course.

6. Easy Way to Learn:

Our research-oriented, special, easy technique is designed for students to learn spoken English. Students will never understand that they are getting smarter, class by class. They need not take any hurdle or burden in mind to acquire fluency in English.

How can you improve your spoken English skills?

  • Our faculty considers that these are the tips that they can follow to learn spoken English properly.
  • Learn words and phrases from the environment you reside
  • Listen to more English from radio, TV, social platforms, podcasts and more.
  • Practice speaking by yourself and gain the confidence to speak out.
  • Practice thinking in English, whatever situation you are facing
  • Get an online conversation partner; a native speaker is better. You can choose any of your friends as well.
  • Remember that communication is more important than grammar. Try to communicate and then try to implement correct grammar
  • Speak slowly as slow speakers get time to find speaking words and can speak more confidently with perfect pronunciation.
  • Don’t stop if you forget a word. Use other words to match the meaning.
  • Relax, don’t haste, have a positive attitude, and be confident.

Take admission to the FastInfo Class® the rest of the issues will be resolved shortly with the helpof the inspiring English-speaking lessons


Be determined, and take admission to FastInfo Class®. We will do the rest to teach you spoken English proficiently but for a short duration.

Yes, compared to many other languages in the world, English is easier to learn and speak.

Through the FastInfo Class® one-on-one course, you can learn English in a month, and through the group class, you will learn fluent English in 6 months

Your determination to learn spoken English is essential. Everybody can learn spoken English. There is nothing special that you require to learn English from FastInfo Class®.

Yes, you can join online spoken English classes at FastInfo Class® anytime anywhere. Just, you should have a smartphone, laptop or computer with all video-audio communicational setups.

Yes, everybody can register for the English speaking courses from FastInfo Class®. There is no age bar or educational bar

Yes, you will get all required study materials in support of the specific course. Our faculty will provide them online

Yes, after each class, you can clear your doubts from our qualified faculty.

You can make your payment through Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, Paytm, any UPI etc

If you want to learn online classes for learning spoken English, FastInfo Class® would be the best platform near you. To find “spoken English classes near me”, you can search on the web, but FastInfo Class® serves online lessons to all parts of India. No matter whether you reside in Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi or any distant part of rural India. Only you should have a smart communication device and a strong internet connection. FastInfo Class® is one of the best if you are looking for an English speaking course near you