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Spoken English is crucial for us in today's globalized lifestyle. Fastinfo Class learning platform helps to boost your personality with English speaking skills. Whether you are a student or a professional, a home-maker or a businessman, your English communication skill needs to be perfect. Our highly-qualified teachers not just help the learners improve their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, but also build their confidence. So that they can speak English fluently. Sign up for our fluent English speaking course online. Learn anytime, anywhere with us.

Let’s Master your Spoken English skills together

You are someone with a desire to explore the world, and mastering spoken English can unlock a path of fresh prospects and adventures. Welcome to our online spoken English courses for beginners and advanced learners, where we try to make your habit to express yourself fluently in English. Welcome to our comprehensive and dynamic online spoken English program, where we are dedicated to providing you with the skills you need to express yourself with unwavering confidence and fluency in English communication. Whether you're looking to enhance your career opportunities, build new relationships, or simply navigate the global landscape with ease, our program is your gateway to success.

How is learning spoken English relevant in recent times?

An increasing number of people are devoting time to learning spoken English as a second language today. English is taught in many countries' schools, and kids are starting to acquire it at younger and younger ages.

A spoken English learning course is unquestionably necessary in today's society since you need to communicate for a variety of reasons, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. English is not the only language used for communication; there are many others as well, but spoken English is the most widely spoken and understood of all of them. Small children begin learning English at the pre-primary level itself. This makes it simple to comprehend. Even though English is straightforward on the surface, learning it deeply is rather difficult. Functional grammar is really challenging. Because fluent English speakers is used to read numerous instructions on the road and in many other locations, it is also necessary to learn it.

What, therefore, is the real benefit of learning English?

Yes, there are Benefits of learning English and there are also very much open scope in today’s time. FastInfo Class has online spoken English course for kids and for adults. This Courses generates academics growths for kids and career opportunity along with personality development for adults.

We at Fastinfo class till now catered over 50000+ students till now, and our courses are not only for college students but it is also for job seekers and we also trained specially for cracking job interviews easily.

Why choose our online spoken English class?

  • Flexible Learning:Our online platform allows you to learn spoken English at your own pace. You can access lessons and practice materials anytime, anywhere.
  • Experienced Teachers:Our certified and experienced spoken English instructors are passionate about teaching and committed to your success.
  • Interactive Learning:Engage in real-time conversations, interactive exercises, and pronunciation drills that mimic real-life situations.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum:Our structured curriculum covers grammar, English vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and cultural nuances.
  • Progress Tracking:We provide regular assessments to track your progress and offer customised feedback for improvement.
Why Choose Spoken English

Course Features

  • Beginner to Advanced Levels:Our classes cater to all levels, from beginners looking to build a strong foundation to advanced fluent English speakers striving for fluency.
  • Conversational Focus:Our emphasis is on spoken English, ensuring that you can confidently engage in real conversations with fluent English speakers.
  • Grammar Mastery:We make learning English grammar fun and easy, with practical exercises to improve your language skills.
  • Vocabulary Expansion:Acquire a rich English vocabulary by studying relevant words and phrases used in everyday situations.
  • Cultural Insights:Understand cultural aspects that influence communication, helping you navigate social situations more effectively.

FastInfo Class trained more than 50,000 students till now and many of them working with top MNC’s like TATA, Bank of America, Infosys. MRF, Zydus etc.

Don't let language barriers hold you back. Join our online spoken English Class and embark on a journey to master English communication skills. Our English learning courses are affordable, convenient, and tailored to your specific needs.

Do YouFeel Nervous or Scared about Public Speaking/Communicating Fluently in English?

Did YouLoose Your Dream Job in any Corporate or MNC due to Inability to Speak Fluently in English?

Does YourLack of English Knowledge Prevent You from having Interesting + Productive Conversations with Your Senior Colleagues or Peers?

Are YouFeeling Embarrassed to Join a Regular Classroom-based Spoken English Training School?

Are YouDetermined to Acquire Good English Speaking Skills But don't know How to Get Started?


If your answer isYESfor any of the above questions, then you have landed at the right place. We can understand your pain! We provide the most comprehensive English speaking course for beginners and professionals to enhance their accuracy and fluency of General and Business English communication. Most of our Students come from above mentioned backgrounds but after the Course & with our Guidance they are now Confident and Making a Name for themselves in their respective Areas of Life!

Woman Taking E Learning Courses

Let FastInfo Class set you on your journey to learn and master spoken English, from the comfort and convenience of your home!

  • Get access to online learning resources
  • We offer online spoken English course where you get learning resources to practice and prepare yourself for both personal, academic, and professional growth.

Hear What ourStudents are Saying

How this Course willBenefit you:

Course Will Benefit
  • Speak English Fluently and Excel in Your Career
  • Simple and Practical Techniques to Speak English
  • Concise Assignments to Practice English
  • Fix Common English Errors to Speak and Write Precise English
  • Fix Common Pronunciation Mistakes and Speak English Confidently
  • Develop Communication Skills to Impress Others
  • Improve Your Articulation Skills and Explain Your Views Before Your Boss, Interviewer, Clients, or Colleague
  • Improve Listening Skills to Comprehend Others
  • Now get rid of your hesitation of speaking English by attending English gym for 90 minutes with experts on call at Rs.499.


Improve Accuracy In Grammar

Improve accuracy ingrammar

Reading Skills

Refines & developmentreading skills

Correct Pronunciation


Personality Development


Art Of Conversation

Art ofconversation

Communication Skills








Business Counselling


Difference Between
Online & Offline Spoken English Classes


  • Personal Attention by trainer
  • Easy to ask unlimited number of doubts
  • Comfort from home (Stay Home & Save Lives)
  • Convenient to take class anytime
  • Class focused on your needs


  • No Personal Attention/ Group Classes
  • Not comfortable for shy students
  • traveling daily to institute
  • Fixed hours and bound to it
  • You will lose your focus with unnecessary doubts by others

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1-to-1 Class

Duration:1 Month

Admission Fee: 0

Course Fee: 9999/-

Classes:6 days a week

Batch Size:1 Teacher : 1 Student

English Gym:90 min Free talk time

Ad On Benefits:Recorded video

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Super 3

Duration:3 Months

Admission Fee: 0

(Limited Time Offer)

Monthly Fee: 4999/-

Classes:3 days per week

Batch Size:1 Teacher : 3 students

English Gym:90 min Free talk time

Ad On Benefits:Recorded video

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Group Classes

Duration:3 Months

Admission Fee: 499/-

(One Time Fee)

Monthly Fee: 299/-

Classes:3 days per week

Batch Size:1 Teacher : Group batch

(Max 30 Student)
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You require a desktop PC / mobile or laptop with internet facility and headphone to get connected.

Yes you can, provided you have access to the Internet.

Yes, anyone can register for the spoken English course

There are different course fees for different courses; all the fees are listed herein:
  • 1:1 Class: The admission fee for this course is absolutely free, and there is a nominal course fee of Rs.9999+18% GST.
  • Fee structure for Super 3 Course: The admission fee for this course is absolutely free, and there is a nominal course fee of Rs. 4999 + 18% GST.
  • Fee Structure for Group Classes: There is a nominal monthly charge of Rs 299+ 18% GST every month (three days per week) as a tuition fee. Besides that, there is a one-time admission fee of Rs 499 + 18% GST for the spoken English class

Yes, all relevant material will be provided.

Yes! You can clarify your doubts through contacting your teacher

You can make your payment through: Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, Paytm, etc.