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Class Duration:3 Months

Classes:5 Days a Week

Course Fee:Rs.25000Rs.9999 Per Month

Industry’s Best Online 1:1 fiber_manual_recordLIVE Weight Loss Program

Loss Weight

Sustainable Fat Loss Program
Helps you to maintain weight by adding a sustainable diet to your lifestyle. Like plant-based diet with low-carb.

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LIVE Immunity Booster Sessions
A Wellness Program that helps you to trigger body self-healing mechanism by promoting immunity and improving overall.

Back pain

Back Pain Relief Program
Regularly stretching the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support the spine, which is an important element of this back relief program.

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Detoxification Plan
Besides helping you eliminate the wrong foods to keep your gut healthy give your liver and overall a healthy detox diet plan,

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Calorie Deficit Plan
Calorie Deficit of 500 calories per day is effective, healthy and sustainable for weight loss. By eliminating sugary beverages, alcohol, eating gluten-free consuming home-cooked meals.

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Boost your Metabolism Plan
As part of a balanced diet, replacing some carbs with lean, protein-rich foods, drinking Green Tea and also including resistance training can boost your metabolism.

Why Choose Fastinfo Class?

Weight Loss Program LIVE Classes
  • Life span access to LIVE Classes
  • Each Session depends on Individual Capacity
  • Customised Weight Loss and Diet Plan for every individual.
  • Daily Calorie tracking + Interactive sessions
  • Weekly Weight Loss Check +Metabolic Rate
Weight Loss Program LIVE Classes

Certified by Govt. of India

Startup India, DPIIT Certified

Weight Loss Programme LIVE Sessions

Daily Interactive LIVE Sessions

  • One to One Coaching to Boost your Motivation
  • Find out Fat Loss to Strength and Conditioning Techniques
  • Set Personalised and Achievable Goals with a coach
  • Discover exercises you can do, even with Limited time
  • Discover the Correct Workouts and Nutrition for you
  • Learn About Good Carbs and Bad Carbs
  • Discover Healthy Snacking Ideas
  • Know About the Correct portion size
  • Increase your Metabolic Rate
  • Explore your Spiritual Self with Meditation

Benefits of Choosing FastInfo Class ™ 1:1 Weight Loss Program

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Checking your Health History

Your weight-loss efforts, physical activity and exercise habits, eating patterns and appetite control, would be reviewed along with the other conditions you've had, medications, stress levels, and other issues about your health.

Body Mass Index

Calculating your BMI

Your BMI would be calculated online so that it would help us plan your chosen weight loss program.

Meals icon

Daily Calorie Plan

Daily Calorie Plan is monitored by our house Dietician and conducted virtually through video calls, emails or any other mode of virtual transmission.

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Individual Focus from our Trainers

Your every class will be a personalised class for a span of 40 mins to 1hr session.

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Modules Based on Personalised Goals

The trainers will be more focused on your Personalised achievable goals and would also make you focus on long term goals.

Weighing Machine

Weight Maintenance

As you achieve your target Body Weight our trainers would help you to plan for your next Goal. Along with your food & nutrition would be monitored by our Nutrition expert. So that your weight is maintained, and also you can focus on your current goal.

Reasons why Our Students are Happy?

Successful Story of the Founder of FastInfo Class

Meet Mr. Rajesh Kewat, founder of FastInfo Class, who has started his career from Rs.2000, worked at call centers. His passion, dedication, focus & target are the pillars of his success behind the Crore turnover company.

Fast Info Founder
Rajesh Kewat

Founder of FastInfoClass

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Past Experiences

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- Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani

Our Sir's Philosophy:
To learn English or a new skill, you need to come out of your mentality from "I can't" to "I can achieve it". The sky is your limit.

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Recognized by Govt. of India


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ISO Certified
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A Weight Loss program includes physical training to customise diet plans imparted to every individual based on their choices and preferences also after monitoring their reports.
We welcome you All! There is no Age Limit to get enrolled in the Weight Loss Program of FastInfo Class™. If you are enthusiastic enough and also have the desire to be fit in the most beautiful way, you are just a click away to register yourself with our Weight Loss Program.
The Weight Loss Sessions for Individual will be conducted through a completely Online method and streamed through the FastInfo Class™ App.
Yes. FastInfo Class™ Weight Loss sessions can be Accessed through Smartphone devices from any Corner of the Globe. You just need stable Internet connectivity to attend the classes.
The entire Course Fee is required to be paid at the time of registration in FastInfo Class™ Weight Loss Programs.
In FastInfo Class™, the Weight Loss programs will be conducted through the Internationally Acclaimed and Certified trainers.
To attend the FastInfo Class™ Weight Loss Program, you just need to Log-In to the FastInfo Class™ App or Website with a steady Internet connection, arrange for an Exercise Mat, and Towel.
The Weight Loss Program will be conducted in a bi-lingual way, both in Hindi and English.
Yes! But choosing the class schedule depends on the availability of the time-slots and the trainer’s.
Yes. We always encourage learners with a notable amount of discount who spread out the beneficial FastInfo Class™ Weight Loss Program by referring to others.