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6 Most Important Elements of Drawing Classes Online


By learning to make all types of Lines, You will be able to form marvellous Sketch.


Learn skills of forming various shapes to give constructive lines and arrange a composition in art.


Give a realistic touch to your art by learning this skill of forming shades to give 3D touches to images.


Proper spacing defines art, learn to highlight your artwork with space.


Provide vibrant texture to your artwork with the correct tone and shades.


Understand the psychology of Proper colour, learn how to use it for your artwork.

What you will learn from Our Online Drawing Class?

  • Fundamentals of Drawing
  • About Drawing & Painting Materials such as different Pencil leads and what is the usage of each one
  • Shading techniques
  • A process and structure to creating a drawing from start to finish
  • How to simplify objects to make them easy to draw!
  • Different approaches to drawing to see what works best for you
  • A system to draw hands, eyes, portraits and any object imaginable!
  • How to create and use axis lines to make getting proportions easy
  • Techniques to draw a viewers' attention to desired focal points in your drawings
  • A quick easy trick to making sure you get perfect values and shading every time!
  • How to draw a portrait from scratch!
  • An approach to preliminary shading and how to easily shade to create realism in your drawings!

Course Include:


Character Design

Figure Drawing

Pencil Drawing



Cartoon Drawing

Coloured Pencil Drawing


Water Colour Painting

Benefits of Online Drawing Class

  • Improves Your Creativity
  • Enriches Your Memory
  • Refines Your Communication Skills
  • Enhances Your Problem-Solving Skills
  • Works as Stress Buster
  • Generates More Positive Emotions
  • Releases Your Hidden Emotions
  • Expands Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Multiplies Your Rate of Mobility
  • Increases Your Minute Observation

Our Learners Views about Drawing & Painting Class

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FastInfo Class™ welcomes you All! There is no Age Limit to get enrolled in the Online of FastInfo Class™. If you are willing to learn more creative ways to Draw and Paint get yourself enrolled, to our LIVE Drawing Session.
The Drawing Course will be conducted through a completely Online method and streamed through the FastInfo Class™ App.
Yes. FastInfo Class™ Drawing Class can be Accessed through Smartphone devices from any Corner of the Globe. You just need stable Internet connectivity to attend the classes.
The entire Course Fee is required to be paid at the time of registration in FastInfo Class™ Online Drawing Class.
In FastInfo Class™, the Drawing Class will be conducted through the Internationally Acclaimed and Certified Professional.
To attend the FastInfo Class™ Online Drawing Class, you just need to Log-In to the FastInfo Class™ App or Website with a steady Internet connection, arrange for Paper, Pencil, Eraser and Colours(as guided).
The Drawing Class will be conducted in a bi-lingual way, both in Hindi and English.
Yes! But choosing the class schedule depends on the availability of the time-slots and Professional’s.
Yes. We always encourage learners with a notable amount of discount who spread out the benefits of FastInfo Class™ Online Drawing Class by referring to others.