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Make your child an expert programmer with coding classes for kids.

Coding is a set of instructions we develop to communicate with computers.

You can give instructions to the computer to perform specific tasks. Kids who learn computer coding have the ability to not only use technology but also to create it. They can create their own video game or even their own website instead of just wasting time playing games and downloading apps on their mobiles.

Just Like people use different languages to interact with one another, computers also have several languages to understand. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, C++ etc. are examples of computer languages which your kids will learn through our course.

Who Will Learn?

  • Kids aged between 6 to 14 years

What is coding used for?

Coding is used to create different useful computer applications, software, websites and powerful programs, to make lives easier and transform the way how machines function. Coding is the process through which humans instruct computers and other devices like smartphones on what to perform. Additionally, we use it to programme the websites, apps, and other technologies that we use on a daily basis

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Kids Coding Skill

Skills You Will Learn

FastInfo class mainly focuses on coding and programming in coding class for kids. You kids will learn

  • Fundamental of Coding: logic, structure and sequence.
  • How to create apps, websites, and animations.
  • How to use a programming language to manipulate data
  • How to solve a problem
  • How various technologies interact with each other

Highlights of Our Course Module (Class 1-8)




Python coding classes

Robotics Algorithm

Robotics Algorithms & AI with Sphero RVR

Roblox Coding

Roblox Coding Classes

Minecraft Modding

Minecraft Modding with Java

Hacking With Javascript

Hacking with JavaScript

Platformer With Scratch

Build an Action Platformer with Scratch

C Sharp

Unity with C#

Why should your kids learn coding from FastInfo Class?

FastInfo Class will introduce and prepare your youngster, aged 6 to 18, for this new world of coding. They acquire basic coding skills, such as logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking, to produce innovative products like animations and apps. FastInfo class offers coding class for kids through live and in-person sessions in the comfort of your home. We provide a variety of coding classes for kids online that is accessible to young children and teenagers.

Benefits of learning coding for kids online

There are several advantages your child will experience while learning in coding class. This will


Boost your child’s creativity


Improve their numerical abilities.


Build confidence in problem-solving


Gives an edge over other fellow students in terms of career opportunities.


Helps your child to clearly communicate complex ideas in simple terms

Why FastInfo Class?

FastInfo Class is trusted by 50000+ Happy Students and Professionals through its various courses. Our faculty talent pool coupled with a strong digital presence has enabled us to become one of the leaders in online course deliveries.

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Beyond the job opportunities, learning coding for kids online will offer additional benefits. FastInfo class teaches coding to children to foster their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and general academic success.

You can enrol your child in our FastInfo class. The goal of our live online coding classes is to foster their tech savvy and critical thinking abilities as well as to unleash their creativity via hands-on activities to create games, apps, animations, and other products.

Coding is a skill, and every ability may be ingrained in a person from an early age with maximum involvement, active brain function, and maximum focus. Children from age of 6 years can enrol in coding classes.

In our online coding class, kids will begin their educational journey with Basic Programming Web, App, Game & Animation Development. They develop their skills through learning programming languages, artificial intelligence, and machine learning at the advanced level of learning.

Python is considered the programming language of the moment and is used to create many software programmes. Kids may develop scripts by printing “Hello World!” in this simple text-based programming language to create video games and animations.