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How to Memorize New Vocabulary Faster?

FastInfo logoBy FastInfo Class Published On 28 Jun 2021 Updated On 02 Jan 2024 Category Spoken English 4 comments
To Memorize something it's best to Write it down!

Memorizing vocabulary quickly is a real challenge if you are not in touch with the language! After a certain age, it even gets tougher to keep vocabulary in mind and use them effectively in conversation so know how to memorize new vocabulary faster.

No matter how accurate your Grammar is, you need to have an updated stock of words to express yourself otherwise you won’t get far with your communication skills. Great vocabulary opens up new doors to new discussions and makes the learning process fun!

However, just opening up the dictionary and noting down words won’t help you! There’s no magic trick, but only consistent practice can make your vocabulary stronger with every passing time.

Everyone has their techniques but, in this article, we are going to talk about a few practices on how to memorize vocabulary effectively. 

6 Tips on how to memorize vocabulary quickly:

  • Use memory techniques and keep notes:

There are various memory techniques that help you to memorize vocabulary faster. Also, keep a note of newly learned words. If that’s a lengthy word, break that into syllables and memorize them. The interesting methods and techniques are taught in Spoken English Classes online.

  • Create a learning environment to be in touch with the vocabulary:

A perfect ambiance for Learning and culture with a foreign language can boost up your memory. Keep some magazines, books, and newspapers near you. Watch shows, listen to podcasts in that language. Whenever you see a scope to use a word from your vocabulary, try to use that in a sentence or a phrase. This will ingrain the vocabulary in your mind more profoundly.

  • Use the vocabulary in a real-life context as much as you can:

This is perhaps the best and simplest way to memorize vocabulary and put the same into use in practical life. Suppose, you have learned the word ‘demotivated’ recently, and you see a friend upset after getting rejected in a job interview. The meaning of the word strikes in your mind, and you can tell him, “Hey, don’t feel demotivated.” 

Again, if you have learned the phrase “calm down”. Next time you see someone getting really mad, use the phrase for him.
It is not necessary that they will understand you every time, but speak to yourself if anyone is not there to hear you. 

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  • Learn from movies, news, books:

Try to collect new words from newspapers, magazines, books, TV shows, movies, podcasts, etc. You get to see the spelling, hear the pronunciations and even understand the context where these words are used. This all round audio-visual effect will help you to memorize the vocabulary better.

  • Try to explore the associated words, synonyms or antonyms:

If you want to take your learning process a step ahead, explore the words and its associated words. Make a list of the mother words, and their synonyms and antonyms. Understand how these synonyms and antonyms are used in communication. 

A Dictionary could be your teammate in this, or you can seek out to Google for the same. Online language classes like Spoken English Courses help you get the important list.

  • Keep a dedicated and organized vocabulary notebook:

Write down words and their meanings, look at them after 24 hours, after one week and again after one month.

Write sentences on your own and read. The more you ‘see’ a word the more easily you memorize it.

Be it Vocabulary, Grammar, Communication or Personality Development, the only thing that can actually help you get through it is intensive practice. You should be sincere towards the language that you are learning. The above tips are definitely going to help you remember new vocabulary easily.

FastInfo Class has an online Spoken English Course that helps you to get better with communication, personality development and of course, adding new words to your vocabulary. We conduct different fun activities and interactive sessions involving crosswords, puzzles, word searches, scrabble and many more.  The skilled and experienced trainers here are always there to guide you thoroughly, with tips and lessons. The best thing to do during this lockdown phase is to boost up your communication by joining our courses at nominal price from the comfort of your home. 

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