pencil sketching techniques to learn in online drawing classes

10 Pencil Sketching Techniques to Learn in Online Drawing Classes

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Pencil sketching has been a famous art form for so long. Pencil sketching is versatile, portable, and only needs a few art supplies. Your kids can make a stunning work of art that is very intricate with just a few simple techniques taught in online drawing classes.       

With a pencil, you can draw in various styles, from simple lines to difficult drawings and sketches. Your kids can achieve a new level in art by learning a range of various pencil sketching techniques, adding greater depth and smoothness to the artwork they produce.     

10 Pencil Sketching Techniques to Draw Like a Pro

If you are not familiar with pencil drawing beyond stick figures or scribbles, there are sketching techniques that you should know about and teach your child to help them draw easily and sharpen their drawing techniques. Here I will go over ten of them so your kids can start drawing at a higher level. 

1. Hatching and Cross Hatching

These techniques are widely used in online yoga classes and work well for adding depth to the sketches through shading. Hatching and crosshatching one of the top techniques your kids should learn when it comes to well-known pencil drawing techniques that can upgrade their sketches. 

To create shadow and depth in your drawing, you must draw a series of lines parallel to the primary line called hatching. A series of lines applied in the same way but at their intersections is crosshatching. The shading in your kid's drawing will be darker the closer these lines are together.

2. Stippling

Stippling is the art of putting dots to an image to enhance shading and depth, just like crosshatching and hatching. The effect increases with the number of dots. Your kids must use softer graphite for this effect as it becomes darker to make sure the dots stand out and have more impact. 

3. Scribbling

Scribbling can be a very successful and effective drawing technique. Your kids must use irregular, uneven, and most definitely not straight lines in the drawing to determine a scribbled sketching.

As more irregular lines are drawn close together, a picture that has been slightly broken down by random motions across the page may appear darker.  

4. Circling

Simply change the pressure you apply to your pencil to modify the tone it produces. Tell your kids to use short, circular strokes to give their transition a more integrated impact. It's important for your kids to remember that they shouldn't draw tiny circles with obvious lines. Instead, tell them to apply pressure while rotating the pencil in a circle. A duller pencil is better for this method.

5. Shading and blending

Smooth shading is a good option if you want to give your drawing a clear shading effect. Your kids can complete it in various ways, such as by blending in hatching or crosshatching with your finger on a rolled-up piece of paper. This will give your sketch a smooth appearance. Additionally, you may blend by simply angling your pencil to use the wider edge, resulting in larger lines that resemble shadows and shade.

6. Tonal sketching

Unlike hatching and crosshatching, the tonal technique has no lines that can be seen. To accomplish this, move your pencil fluidly back and forth across the page. Pressure and graphite scale are key factors in this method. The tone will appear darker the more forcefully you press.

7. Contour lines

The word “count” means “outline”. Contour lines are the exact same thing as outlining an object. However, contour lines are not limited to an object’s edges. Additionally,  contour lines are used in pencil drawings to show where an item has folds, wrinkles, or changes in colour or shape.   

8. Create highlights

You can add highlights in the same way that you would add shading to give your sketch depth and shadows. Highlights can help you identify where your source of light is coming from and provide extra detail, showing shiny surfaces. 

Using an eraser to erase some of the colour or shading to make the area of the figure lighter is also an excellent way to achieve this effect. 

9. Accent lines

Accent lines don’t necessarily help your drawing take on form, but they certainly offer style. Wood grain is the best example of beautiful accent lines you might use.

10. Start With Simple Shapes

I chose a coffee mug to do my favorite sketching techniques. Considering it is simply broken down into simple shapes, it is relatively easy to draw. Just like that pick something that is easy to draw and look at it carefully for a few minutes. And ask yourself: what are the definite shapes? Where do they overlap? 

Taking the coffee mug you find the body of the coffee mug is oval and the lip is in a circle shape. Overlap the lines/areas in which the shapes meet. 

Materials Required for Pencil Sketching in Online Drawing Class

If your kids are just beginning with pencil drawing they need the following materials to use in online drawing class:

1. Graphite Pencils

The graphite scale, which rates the hardness/softness of the lead, is used to grade drawing pencils or graphite pencils. The letter B denotes black on the HB scale. The mark will be darker and the softer the lead will be the higher the number. Letter H stands for hardness. The higher the number that follows the H, the harder the lead and the softer the marker.  

2. Drawing Paper

For practicing drawings, you can undoubtedly use plain paper. But eventually, you might want to buy some paper or a sketchpad that’s more appropriate for pencil sketches. For example, thicker-weight paper can withstand more erasure and continuous pressure from your pencil.

3. Erasers

The majority of artists use kneaded erasers, gum erasers, or vinyl erasers. The softest erasers are made of gum, while the firmest are vinyl erasers. Your choice of eraser may be determined by your personal preferences or by the project at hand.

4. Sharpener

To maintain your tools in good condition you need to buy a pencil sharpener. Make sure the sharpener you choose is high-quality. A poor sharpener can destroy your pencils or use more materials than is necessary. 


If you want your child to draw sketches like a pro enroll him or her in an online drawing class for kids. If you want the best drawing classes for them contact FastInfo class where you will find expert teachers who will make drawing easy for your children. They will teach every type of drawing with special techniques. So, what are you waiting for when the opportunity is available to you? Grab this opportunity for your child today.

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