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Redefine your Spoken English Proficiency with 9 Easy New Year Resolutions

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English has become the bread and butter of the modern-day professional and personal life as more and more people communicate in English. The importance of English can be understood from the fact that there are numerous institutions that have opened up classes for it. With a new year approaching, it provides the opportunity to set their new year resolutions to improve their spoken English.

There has been a significant rise in the number of people wanting to learn spoken English online in India. This has significantly boosted the rise of spoken English courses due to the rising demand that keeps rising every day. It is thus important to set a goal to learn a spoken English course and redefine one’s personality.

Why is a Spoken English Course important?

Spoken English has emerged as the most spoken language around the world and the number keeps growing every year. In India, the number of people speaking in English is the highest in the world at 1.25 million. Some of the importance of English speaking course for beginners are:

  • Improve Cognitive Ability: Taking English courses for kids helps them develop cognitive abilities to think and process thoughts in English. 

  • English as a Global Language:  English has emerged as the global language for many countries around the world. 

  • Cultural Awareness: Learning English provides perspective into different cultures and lets them explore other cultures and break the language barrier. 

  • Long-term Learning: Taking Spoken English courses help develop skills that will help an individual in the long run and redefine their personality.

Some of the other benefits are that of the building of a connection with the people within and outside one’s society. It also helps build confidence and boosts the morale of the individual for personal and professional purposes.

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What are the New Year Resolutions to improve Spoken English?

An individual can take up certain new year resolutions in order to get the necessary help to improve spoken English fluency. Some of the small steps one can take as a part of the new year resolutions are:

  • One can try to take up reading new books and make it a habit to complete one every month or even every alternate month. This will increase the vocabulary and understanding of the language. 

  • Make sure to try and use English in everyday life through various activities like social media, games, communications, etc to help improve fluency and speed. 

  • It is always beneficial to learn a new word every day so that the vocabulary store gets new words and the power of speaking increases with each day. 

  • There are several resources that one can use in order to make the most of it. They can try reading newspapers, watching the news, listening to podcasts, etc in order to catch the way the language is used. 

  • Testing yourself with the help of assessments at regular intervals can help in the understanding of the proficiency of the language. 

  • One another way to improve fluency is the use of an online platform to communicate with others in English and understand the fluency and pronunciations.

  • One can also try to watch more and more shows, movies, etc which will help understand the way the language is used and the meaning it holds in the way the language is spoken. 

  • They can also try to get hold of English songs and podcasts that will help understand the ways in which certain words are pronounced and how the meaning changes with the way they are pronounced. 

  • One can also get hold of English learning apps that allow for the learning process to become interesting and help in the basic understanding of the language. Though one might need to get themselves enrolled in better classes to get the full benefit.


Learning spoken English online has gained significant importance in recent times and has become the need of the hour. With the demand for spoken English being such it is needed to make certain New Year resolutions in order to improve proficiency. With better courses, the individual will benefit hugely from the process and will be able to carry themself with confidence.

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