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The Covid-19 pandemic has distorted the flow in the society as the movement has become restricted unless required by the individual. Being stuck at home has had a huge impact on the mentality of an individual. In times like these, there is a need to get out and get back to the normal flow of life, classes like online drawing, music, etc have helped bring a sense of relief.

Getting to interact and express has helped individuals get back their sense of being. Kids have been the most affected of all as at their age it is important to explore. Online drawing classes for kids are one of the most sought-after methods to get them interactive and explore. 

Why are Drawing Classes important?

There are several reasons why a drawing class is important in helping an individual when they are bored or stitch at home. It provides them with the space to express themselves and bring out their creativity through their drawings. Some of the important reasons why online drawing classes are important are:

  • Online drawing classes provide the student with the opportunity to meet several other artists and share their interests and thoughts over the same.  

  • The most important part of any learning process is to have the time on their hands to understand the concepts. Online drawing classes, unlike physical classes, provide the students with enough time to learn at their own speed. 

  • As most of the drawing classes are recorded one can easily get hold of any section that they want to practice and understand and take their own time to go through it.

What is included in the Online Drawing Classes?

The Online Drawing Class at FastInfo is designed for the kids in such a way that it helps them evolve by making them engage. It helps bring out their creative identity and develop their personality. The classes are held twice a week to match the timetable for the kids so that they can carry on with their other activities too.

The course is designed for kids who want to learn the basics of drawing, individuals wanting to improve their drawing skills, learning new skills, etc. It helps them enhance their creative power and gives them a platform to express themselves and bring their world to life. Some of the key features taught at Online Drawing Class at FastInfo Class are:

  • Sketching from start to finish

  • Character Designing 

  • Figure Drawing

  • Pencil Drawing

  • Illustrations

  • Paintings

  • Cartoon Drawing

  • Coloured Pencil Drawing

  • Portraiture

  • Watercolor Painting

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What will the students learn ?

The online painting classes for kids are designed in such a way that it focuses on several factors that need to be looked at in a drawing class. Some of the important elements are:

  • Fundamentals of Drawing.

  • Material needed for drawing.

  • Shading techniques.

  • The entire process for drawing from the basic lines to the shading and coloring.

  • Different approaches to drawing.

  • Drawing techniques for hands, eyes, portraits, etc.

  • Proportional drawings using axis lines.

What are the benefits of Online Drawing Class at FastInfo Class?

The Online Drawing Class at FastInfo focuses on making the kids aware of their strength in drawing and bringing out their creative imaginations onto paper and canvases. Some of the prominent benefits of an Online Drawing Class for kids are:

  • It Helps improve their Creativity imaginations

  • Enriches their Memory power in terms of details

  • Enhances their Problem-Solving Skills that help create meaningful drawings

  • It helps them generates Positive Emotions towards their works

  • Releases their Hidden Expressions on to the canvas or paper

  • Expands their Emotional Intelligence and express them beautifully

  • Multiplies their Willingness to Participate in the creation of meaningful work.

  • Increases their Observation Capabilities in order to focus on details and capture them.


Online Drawing classes have gained significant importance in recent times with people being stuck at homes. It has provided them with the platform to express hidden emotions and bring out the frustration of being stuck at home. It allows them to express themselves and bring out their creative imagination onto the paper for others to see.

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