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How learning English is Good for your career?

FastInfo logoBy FastInfo Class Published On 22 May 2021 Updated On 18 Oct 2023 Category Spoken English
English opens up a wide range of new opportunities both in your career and in your personal life.


English is the “lingua franca” (meaning “common language”) of not only global business and politics, but also of all kinds of communication worldwide, like sports, movies, journalism and many more aspects. This implies that English is useful for understanding and sharing views, opinions, and communicating with the world. 
Naturally, the ever-rising popularity of the English language means one must be fluent and knowledgeable about the language well to succeed in a career and climb the corporate ladder. 

Why did learning English become so important?

The origin goes back to when Great Britain had control over 25% of the whole world. For convenient communication, the Britishers used to impart English lessons to the natives and thereafter, the use of English has become popular in those nations. India stands as a big example in this aspect.
With English becoming the global corporate language, it is absolutely mandatory to learn this language for uplifting one’s career and personal development. Be it the business sector or the corporate field, this language actually helps you to expand beyond the nations, placing you in the frontline.

Importance of learning English in your Career

 Here are some reasons why learning English is good for your career:

1. Makes you stand out beyond basic business standards ---> Looking back a few decades back, having knowledge in English used to be a plus point in your career. You were supposed to get preference during the recruitment process.
But now, regardless of your background and schooling, companies and recruitment managers will automatically expect you to know English, both in terms of speaking and writing. 
This means that in order to impress your interviewer or boss now during the interview and to leave a positive mark in your career, you have to be extremely fluent and competent in both speaking and writing the language.
2. Better Communication with your colleagues and authorities ---> Working in an office/corporate involves teamwork and collaboration. Even if you are an introvert , you will have to interact with your colleagues for work purposes. 
That part becomes difficult if you do not have the proficiency in English, even leading to misunderstandings at some points.
Also, you need to interact with your Reporting Managers or Bosses to get the best job or a promotion at work. For that you need to develop superior networking skills. Learning business English helps you to improve interpersonal skills and builds your knowledge in the language.

3. Delivering presentations and speeches and Hosting Meets --->Business English is so useful in your career that it helps you to be the best fit when it comes to delivering a presentation, speech or hosting a meeting with your team. If you are not confident or do not have adequate fluency, that will ruin the show.
Even when you are a participant in a meeting, and you have a great idea to share, you need to successfully express it to your audience in English and that will be appreciated. 
Luckily, there are online Spoken English courses that focus on successful business meetings and presentations.

4. Good pronunciation and Fluency always make a good first impression while Negotiation and Deals ---> In your career, your proficiency level in English decides many factors for you. You might write good mails and articles; but the way you communicate matters more importantly. Unless you can speak clearly and fluently, you are unlikely to make an impact in the workplace. 
Based on the impression that you create in your workplace,it may lead you to be the representative for any kind of negotiation and business dealings. 

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5. It allows you to travel for work purpose ---> If you have always dreamed of working for a global company or travelling around the world for business or work, English is the most likely language to help you. Bilinguals are mostly preferred while sending employees abroad for work purposes.
The language skill lets you interact with people from different countries and cultures.

6. It opens doors in other jobs ---> English proficiency will give you an added advantage for other jobs. During the good times, you get better options from bigger companies. Even in the worst of times, your fluency in English and confidence can help you to manage any job if you are in dire need!

7. Being a Soft Skills Expert ---> So repeating the point yet again, being fluent in English is a survival strategy in today’s competitive career. It improves your chances of climbing the corporate ladder quicker.
The way you speak and communicate showcases your interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. So that makes you the ‘Master of Soft Skills’ in your workplace!
To improve your business English, an online Spoken English course can be your best friend in this time of lockdown. This will help you learn what you need in English communication. 
Also, try to interact with more native speakers, friends or colleagues in English, that will boost up your confidence.

FastInfo Class™ helps you to build a career with an integrated online Spoken English Course  and personality development course at an unbeatable price, where the panel of experienced and skilled trainers are always there to guide you throughout the course with quality care, study material and timely evaluation.

So, if you really want to make a change in your career and shine bright with your communication skills and personality, this course is the key!

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