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Know How to Write a Perfect Job Description

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In today’s competitive world, every company wants to attract candidates who have top talents and specialized skills. Every company has a different approach to attracting and keeping top people, starting from attractive perks and benefits to providing an engaging learning environment. But the first step in the entire process of finding, evaluating, interviewing, and employing prospects is crafting a job description that will grab a candidate's interest. You will lose out on some of the best talent if your job description is not compelling enough. So, how can one create the most visually beautiful job description that draws attention and sticks out?   

“In this detailed blog, we will take you through a detailed guide on how to write a perfect job description while hiring candidates for your organization”

Table of Contents:

  • How should you write a Job Description
  • Writing an Attractive Job Title
  • Company’s Mission and Vision
  • Benefits you are providing to the candidates
  • The Skills that you need
  • Perks and Benefits
  • Tips for an attractive Job Description
  • Duties and Responsibilities of the position you are hiring for

How should you write a Job Description?

Let’s first understand what is job description is, a job description is a description mentioning the position, roles and responsibilities of the candidates you are going to hire. A JD (Job Description) should contain the below-mentioned components:

  • Job Title (the position in which the company is going to hire the candidates).
  • Companies Mission and Vision (In which field the company, catered their services).
  • Key Responsibilities (What are the responsibilities you are going to give to the candidates).
  • Skills and Qualifications (What are the skills and qualifications that you are looking forward).
  • Company Benefits (The benefits that the company is going to provide to the candidates).

Now let’s discuss in brief the components of the Job Description:

Writing an attractive Job Title:

An attractive title hooks almost 95% of the readers, while writing an attractive job title don’t forget that you should not exaggerate the job title and make it super creative. Keep the job title attractive but simple, so that if the candidate searches with the job title in the job portal, then they can find similar jobs also.

Describe your Company’s Mission and Vision:

If you're not making the most of this part, it could be a lost opportunity. It is not only where you write your purpose and values statement; it is also where you emphasize the reasons a prospect should apply to work for your company.

Describe your brand, its goals, its mission, the goods and services you provide, and how they serve society. Give people a brief about the work culture of your company to help them think and imagine what it might be like to work there.

Describe the Benefits you are providing to the candidates:

In this section, we will discuss the key responsibilities of the candidate. Provide a descriptive and detailed information as much as possible to help candidates understand if this is something they want to do.

Key responsibilities includes that what kind of tasks you will be doing on an operational and strategic level:

  • In this role will the candidate work as a team or an individual? 
  • If the candidate plays as a team what will be the hierarchy.

Include information about the candidate's required travel and any unique work hours. Discuss what the candidate can accomplish in three, six, or a year if you're feeling inventive. That would be a very clear signal for job advancement.

Including a detailed section on important responsibilities will guarantee that you receive applications from more competent people who are eager to work with you and are already aware of the job positions.

The Skills that you need: 

This is one of the most important sections, which will attract the right candidates for your company or organization. This will include the candidates with the proper skill set and certifications. You can also mention the preferred communicative language in this section which might be necessary in this job role.

This includes skills like leadership, negotiation persuasion etc. according to your job role. Keep all your skills requirements straightforward, so that you get a perfect and realistic candidate as per your demand. There is one more thing to keep in mind that you mention the requirements as “must-haves” so that the candidates can know what are the key requirements that the organization is looking for.

Perks and Benefits:

Showcase all the benefits and perks that the organization is providing the candidate. Candidates will have a clear view regarding the benefits the company are providing them. Keep one thing in mind at first show some traditional benefits like Provident Fund (PF), ESIC, and Med-claims etc. 

For Example: Suppose your company arrange for a “Friday fun activity” where every employee can participate in a particular game, gather together and have fun. Or, your company has having pick-up or drop facility available for the employees. 

Let’s quickly look into some tips for an attractive Job Description (JD):

  • The Job description you provide should be gender-neutral.
  • Keep the JD (Job Description) simple.
  • Don’t exaggerate the tone, keep the tone normal
  • Go through the JD (Job description) a number of times before posting it.

Share the Duties and Responsibilities of the position you are hiring for:

The duties and responsibilities of the candidate should be mentioned in the Job Description. So that whosoever is appearing for the interview should have a clear view about what will be their duties and responsibilities if they join the organization. Keep the duties and the description short and to the point. You can also mention the job timing in this section of the Job Description. Keeping things clear and short targets the right candidate during the hiring.

Lastly, a well-described job description helps you and the recruiters of an organization, to hire the right candidates. Once you target the right candidate then you are 90% closer to having a smooth and flawless recruitment. Always showcase the perks, benefits and culture of your company and in most cases, candidates get attracted to unique and beneficial perks and benefits.

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