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10 Tricky Words in English and How to avoid Misspelling

FastInfo logoBy FastInfo Class Published On 16 Jun 2021 Updated On 04 Apr 2022 Category Spoken English
Learning is like rowing upstream, not to advance is to drop back. – Chinese Proverb

Ever faced a situation where you are in the middle of writing something important, and you get confused if the spelling of ‘review’ has the letters 'ei' or 'ie'. It becomes so frustrating and also time-consuming. For instance, the word you get to hear is something and when you see the spelling it seems like there are extra letters you didn’t even know were present when you heard the word being pronounced. Let me tell you, you are not the only one. All of us face such situations, and we all face embarrassing moments when we end up misspelling words. Let us learn how to escape such situations by learning Tricky Words in English and How to avoid misspelling.

Here is a list of tricky words and how to avoid misspelling them:

  • View -->The eternal trouble as to how it is spelt, ‘ie’ or ‘ei’. Well, it is almost in all cases ‘ie’, so when you are in such a fix, go with 'ie'.
  • Exception --> ‘Weird’, one of the few words which is an exception to this trick, and is spelt with 'ei'
  • Handkerchief --> At times when we pronounce such words, we do not realize that some letters are silent. In such cases break up the words, for instance, we break up ‘hand + kerchief’, that way, we will remember to add the ‘d’.
  • Necessary --> how many ‘c’s and how many ‘s’s to use? Think of a shirt, it has 1 collar (c) and 2 sleeves (s), so this word will require 1 ‘c’ and 2 ‘s’s’
  • Separate --> when we pronounce this word, it feels like there should be ‘e’ instead of ‘a’, but that is not so, the trick is to keep in mind that there is “a rat” that is separate, that way you will not go wrong.
  • Affect and Effect --> Confusion arises when we get confused as to when to use which word as they have separate meanings, keep it simple, you use affect when you refer to action and effect refer to an end consequence for an action.

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  • Rhythm --> the word which has no vowels is tricky to remember, and we get uncomfortable while spelling the same, the tip to follow is to remember “Rhythm helps your two hips move”.
  • Island --> The silent monster strikes again, you can never hear the ‘s’. Just think of it this way, an Island is a land with water on all sides.
  • Embarrass --> there we go scratching our head counting the number of ‘r’s and ‘s’s. Remember to double it, and you will not trip.
  • Dessert --> One ‘s’ makes the difference between a dry region and a sweet dish, keep it firmly in mind, Dessert is doubly sweet, so use 2 ‘s’s.
  • Misspell --> Sounds as if there should be 1 ‘s’, but it will not do. Simply break it up ‘mis + spell’, you cannot go wrong.

Sounds interesting… Well, now you can be sure when you sit down to write and to learn more such words and New tricks to avoid going wrong while writing, you can get guidance from our trainers at FastInfo ClassTM who will help you avoid such mishaps in your communication skills both verbal and non-verbal.

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