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9 Tips to Improve English Pronunciation Like a Native

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In this blog, we’ll examine various English pronunciation techniques and explain how to reduce your English accent. With an estimated 1 billion individuals studying it, English is currently the most widely studied language in the world. 

The figure is only anticipated to rise as English becomes the most demanding language globally. 

If you’re trying to improve your English pronunciation skills, then you know how difficult it is to learn English pronunciation with a proper accent. Even if you use proper syntax and sentence structure, your accent makes it difficult to be understood. If you are facing this problem join one of the best spoken English classes of your choice, where you will get the proper guidance. 

If your English pronunciation is poor your level of fluency will be continually underrated. Making connections might be very difficult because of your noticeable accent. According to studies, companies in the US frequently favour applicants for more prestigious positions who speak with typical American and British accents.   

Working on your pronunciation is undoubtedly worthwhile; that much is for sure. Continue reading for eight practical tips on how to improve your pronunciation with a proper accent and sound like a native English speaker. 

How to Improve Your English Pronunciation With Correct Accents?

The following are some tips for improving your English pronunciation with the right accents.

1. Focus on phonemes

When learning a new language, many people tend to put the greatest emphasis on grammar and vocabulary. However, if you want to lose your accent, you also need to become familiar with the phonemes of the language. 
In the 19th century, language teachers created the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to enable students to read words as they were pronounced. Perhaps, you have already encountered words written in IPA in the English dictionary or on Wikipedia sites.

Studying IPA with YouTube videos may be beneficial if you prefer to learn things in a systematic way or enroll in some good online English speaking course.

2. Do mouth exercise

If you wish to become a better speaker, why not spend some time exercising your mouth and tongue? You spend time in the gym working out the rest of your body to enhance your physical fitness.

The mirror technique is perhaps the best way to practice if you want to clear your accent and enhance your pronunciation. So that you can get used to saying different sounds and see how they appear when uttered, practice speaking while paying attention to your own face.      

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3. Listen to everything in English

Even though it might seem apparent, listening to everything in English is one of the best methods you can follow to learn the language more quickly and improve your accent. Make an effort to watch every movie, TV show, programme, and YouTube video in English. Learning new words is obviously incredibly beneficial, but as your ears get acclimated to hearing English constantly, your accent will reward you.       

You can start by watching movies or videos that you’ve already watched or know really well in English. It might be hard at first, but if you help yourself with subtitles, it will get easier every time. Here is a list of some best Netflix Shows to Learn English Online easily.   

4. Try some tongue twisters

You may need to exercise your mouth and tongue muscles if you have trouble producing the sounds required to pronounce English words correctly. Tongue twisters are a terrific method to practise your English pronunciation. You may also practice this method in our spoken English classes.

5. Pick your accent 

Consider the accent that best reflects your personality and that you enjoy hearing the most. There are a variety of accents available, including posh British, stylish American, laid-back Australian, and more.

You must adhere to your decision after you've made it and speak consistently. Use the appropriate terminology that goes along with it as well. Avoid using the British words for "dude" and "pants," "friend" and "trousers," if you prefer to speak with an American accent.

6. Read aloud and record yourself

Making a recording of yourself on your phone can be useful when practising your pronunciation. Watch a TV show, movie, or YouTube video where an English speaker speaks a term you frequently have trouble pronouncing. Record yourself saying the pronunciation after listening to it a few times.

7. Listen to some podcasts

Listening to podcasts is an excellent way to learn how English is actually spoken. If you enroll in a spoken English course or English pronunciation online, you will get podcasts to listen to English words and sentences where you can hear the pronunciation correctly.

People frequently record them speaking to their buddies in bedrooms and offices in an entirely natural manner. You may listen at half-speed on several programs and websites, such as YouTube, which is a terrific method to concentrate on the sounds you hear and fully comprehend accents.

8. Speak Slowly

Identify the sounds you need to focus on and take steps to change your mouth or tongue shape when they emerge. It's now a time of developing new vocalizations automatically and changing your old speaking patterns.

This stage will go more smoothly if you speak more slowly than you normally would, allowing yourself more time to consider the new methods you have learnt. Even though speaking more slowly will probably be annoying, giving oneself time to intentionally select the more exact pronunciations you have studied increases the likelihood that they will stick over time.

9. Talk more to native speakers

Talking to native speakers is the best technique to lessen your accent. Asking your friend directly about your English accent can be quite helpful. They can assist you to identify errors that you couldn't spot on your own by pointing out which words you speak poorly. Establish some important sounds to improve with your partner, and ask them to correct you if you make a mistake.  


If you are shy enough to ask your English-speaking friend for pronunciation or cannot practice this method properly on your own, then try our FastInfo Class online English speaking course, where you will receive proper individual guidance from great experienced teachers.

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