Learn New English Words to Expand Your vocabulary

7 Tips for Learning New English Words and Build Strong Vocabulary

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Adding new terms to your written vocabulary is one of the simplest methods to improve your current writing abilities. You will never run out of vocabulary terms to learn and use because the English language is one of the most extensive of all languages. Learning new English words will make your vocabulary strong, and a solid vocabulary is beneficial for all types of writing, including poetry, fiction, journalism, and essay writing. Therefore, the time you spend honing your vocabulary is time spent honing your writing abilities.

Why is learning new English words important?

Similar to a speaking vocabulary, a writing vocabulary consists of the words you can recall and use quickly. Learning new English words to make a vocabulary, including action words, descriptive words, and more, makes writing more precise and helps you steer clear of ambiguous terms. Increasing your vocabulary makes it easier for you to articulate particular situations, feelings, and concepts. Additionally, you develop a talent known as "painting with words" among authors.

The vocabulary terms that you can recall and use virtually without thinking are the most useful. After all, developing your vocabulary is only worthwhile if you can apply it to written work and—equally crucial—use it correctly. If you ask a published author for writing advice, they'll probably tell you that it's preferable to employ ordinary words appropriately than sophisticated ones ineffectively. Fortunately, being able to employ both common and difficult terms with similar clarity is one of the main advantages of learning new English words.

7 Ways for learning new English words

The majority of us have not invested much effort in acquiring new words since we were in high school or college. Fortunately, you can continue from where you left off. Here are some tips to get you started learning new English words for your vocabulary:

I. Develop a reading habit

When words are encountered in context, expanding your vocabulary is made easier. It can be much more beneficial to see words used in novels or news articles than it is to see them on vocabulary lists. You not only become familiar with new words, but you also observe their usage.

II. Use the dictionary and thesaurus

If utilised correctly, online dictionaries and thesaurus are valuable tools. They can help you remember synonyms that would function better in your writing than the ones you're currently using. Another technique for learning new English words is to read a full dictionary definition, which can also teach you about antonyms, root words, and related words.

III. Play word games

Classic games like Scrabble and Boggle can be a good method to increase your vocabulary in English. Crossword puzzles also qualify. If you truly want to be effective, take some notes after each round of these word games. Keep a note of the many words you picked up while playing the game, and periodically review it.

IV. Use flashcards

Utilising flashcards to study a variety of terms is a quick approach to expand your vocabulary. In the modern digital era, flashcards are practical and simple to manage, thanks to a wide variety of smartphone apps. It is normal to try to learn one new word per day. You can always aim higher, but it might not be practical to learn dozens of new English words each day.

V. Subscribe to “word of the day” feeds

To aid in vocabulary growth, several web resources will send you a new word every day by email, a website, or an app. These words can be included in active word lists.

VI. Use mnemonics

A mnemonic device is a type of word association that aids in recalling the meanings and appropriate applications of words. Consider the word "obsequious," which describes someone who uses flattery to try to gain the favour of powerful individuals. Break that word down into its constituent parts: "obse" is the root of "obsessed," Both "qui" and "us" have the same pronunciation as the word "us" in English. The huge word obsequious might therefore be understood to imply "obsessed with saying yes to us," which is sort of what it means.

VII. Practice using new words in conversation

Without truly understanding how to use words, it is nevertheless feasible to build up a sizable vocabulary. This implies that it is up to you to utilise your own personal dictionary. Make it a point to use any fascinating words you come across in your reading in conversation. You may practise the art of word choice and, with a little bit of trial and error, focus on the best word for a particular context by testing in low-stakes circumstances.

VIII. Repeat and then repeat

Do not just repeat the words that are currently being spoken; also, repeat the "old stuff" that you believe you have previously learned. The more you use the terms, though, the better you'll remember and recall them, even though you don't need to look at the stored words as frequently as the new vocabulary.


Try to have your teacher review the sentences you've written if you're taking an English course online. To advance your English study, you can enrol on online Spoken English Course by FastInfo Class and ask the experts for any additional materials you might need for learning new English words.

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