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5 Ways to Support Students with Dyslexia

FastInfo logoBy FastInfo Class Published On 22 Jun 2021 Category Spoken English
Dyslexia is a Neurological issue and not a Character Flaw!

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder as people say, but it’s just a Myth and in reality, Dyslexia is just that learners have a difference in learning. They do not learn exactly as others do. The difference is their brain works differently, and they find difficulty in visual processing and struggle with memorizing.
Some famous people like Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan, Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and actor Tom Cruise had this thing in common. They also had a difference in learning. Let us learn a few ways to support students with Dyslexia.

For instance, learners sometimes struggle to remember what was told to them and face challenges when trying to link sounds to letters. The typical issue is mainly related to reading, spelling and writing, but dyslexia may also influence concentration span and planning skills. All these challenges do have a serious effect on the learners’ self-esteem.

How to identify if the student has Dyslexia?

There are many forms of Dyslexia, and it also affects students in different ways. Let us see some signs of dyslexia that include:

  • Difficulty in reading (especially aloud)
  • Making spelling mistakes & struggling with spellings
  • Struggling to remember the sequence of things
  • Finding it hard to follow instructions
  • Misbehaving in the class
  • Being very quiet or shy (while reading or writing activities)
  • Falling asleep in class 

How to support students with Dyslexia?

To support Dyslexia, a teacher should create the right conditions for learning. Some ways can help create a more establishing environment for learning in which all types of learners can learn whether with dyslexia or not.

  • Knowing about the student→ If any teacher wants to progress their students to the next level, they first need to know their students in a better way. That’s the only way to provide a better learning opportunity to the students to begin from where they are.
    With these, teachers get to know about their interests, learning profile and strengths as well as weaknesses. Knowing about these helps in sorting out their comfort zones and limits as well as likes and dislikes too.
    It will help out in engaging them to the full extent and to make the classes more interesting and fun for them.
  • Collaborative learning sessions→ Collaborative learning is one of the best ways to make students learn to help and understand each other. This doesn’t only help in developing good relationships between teachers and students, but also between the learners.
    It can motivate them to learn to share ideas and helps in building confidence among themselves who used to struggle in the past.

  • Audio-visual activities→ When a trainer is dealing with learners who have dyslexia, sensory activities are more impactful. As they have a unique brain that learns in different ways. It is best when teachers explain to them in their native language.
    The class should not only be in audio but also some visual illustration or some image illustrations of any event or story to help them understand differently.
  • Understandable and clear instructions→ As students with Dyslexia have to struggle to remember sequences because of their memory, following instruction can be more challenging.
    To make sure that they don’t struggle by setting up instructions by breaking them into small pieces of manageable and achievable steps, we can decrease the processing of their brain.
  • Updating teaching methods and materials→ As to being a teacher, checking and updating teaching materials is the best thing that a teacher can do. What is best for the learner only is known to the teacher, and that may lead to a smooth flow of teaching and learning as well.
    Choosing the colour of paper you keep on the background of the slides helps students with Dyslexia understand better with coloured backgrounds, as it reduces word blurring.
    When they learn to write new words in their notebook, try to use a highlighter to highlight some areas between the middle lines where the body of the letters are written.
    Dyslexia is a condition that can be treated in a very tactful way, though it’s tough to deal with. Though we cannot change the way a learner understands, we can change the way of teaching and provide an environment where the learner can learn efficiently and ensure that they feel motivated and become confident in our classroom.

For students with special learning difficulties, the English language classroom may be a highly stressful setting. Now, we don't need to – and can't – "fix" learners; instead, we should work to "repair" the environment and create a welcoming, inclusive learning environment for all. We can better help learners who confront obstacles, ensuring they feel supported in their learning, and all of this by modifying our teaching. We at FastInfo Class look into every specific needs of the students and provide classes to a variety of students all over India. Furthermore, we are one of the reputed online platform where you get all professional trainers who have helped uplift the society by imparting education among all children and also nourish them with Conditional learning and support students with Dyslexia.

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