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India is a multilingual country with a diverse population. Over 122 major languages and 1599 other languages are spoken by Indians. If we look into dialects further, the number will be three times higher. With the changes over the years, Indians are becoming more interested in learning global languages such as English, Spanish, and so on. People are so busy nowadays that they prefer taking English speaking courses at home online to save time.

Rapid urbanisation has created new job opportunities in a variety of industries, as all working professionals speak English. Apart from opportunities in India, today's younger generation is eager to work as expats in other developed countries. As a result, many Indians must be fluent in English in addition to having excellent job qualifications and learning new job skills for their chosen industry.

What makes FastInfo Class the best online English speaking course in India?

The FastInfo Class is one of the best online English speaking courses in India. We believe that one can become fluent in English only with consistent spoken English practice. We also believe that English language education must be affordable for all our students, regardless of their age groups. Our online spoken English course fees are nominal as compared to other offline spoken English courses.

Hence, let’s discuss why you should join us to improve your spoken English.

1. Highly-qualified teachers

Our teachers are thoroughly qualified, but they also go through intensive screening procedures and are trained to teach students online. We ensure that they use effective teaching techniques when delivering online spoken English Lessons.

2. Free study materials

All of our students receive free learning materials. We have plenty of practice guides for English grammar, vocabulary, writing skills, and so on. We even provide exercises for home assignments in PDF form so that students can practice them when classes are off.

3. Flexible timings

Our students are free to plan their lessons around their busy schedules. Prior planning allows our students to prepare for each lesson ahead of time. As a result, faster results. We provide classes for spoken English lessons three days a week, and students can choose any three days according to their convenience.

4. Private lessons

Every student is unique, and their learning needs are different. Our tutors give each student personalised attention and lessons, allowing them to meet their learning objectives more quickly.

5. Customised course

Because we believe that each student is different, we do not always adhere to a rigid course curriculum. Our expert tutors of online spoken English courses in Kolkata personalise lessons so that each student gets the most out of each session. We provide all levels of English courses, from basic to advanced to professional.

6. Practice spoken English

Practising English regularly leads to fluency in English. Our tutors ensure that the student speaks English during our course sessions. 

7. Accent softening

We understand that our students are multilingual and that their mother tongues have a strong influence on their English speaking. Accents, we believe, are not necessarily bad but can be useful, especially when people are unable to understand your pronunciation.

8. Affordable fees

We use advanced technology. Our motive is to provide online spoken English courses in Kolkata at an affordable price. 

How will our online English speaking course benefit you?

  • We offer concise assignments to students to practise spoken English lessons at home
  • The online teachers will help you improve your listening skills in order to understand others speaking in English
  • You will be able to learn to speak English fluently and grow in your career. Our tutors will encourage you to speak English most of the time, even if you don’t have confidence. They are always available to rectify your mistakes and thus help you brush up your speaking skills
  • Our online English speaking course uses simple and practical techniques to teach learners of all ages
  • If any students make mistakes in speaking and writing, our professionals instantly rectify those mistakes and explain to them clearly how to use the words and sentences correctly
  • One of the major mistakes that English learners often make is pronunciation. Most of them don’t know how to pronounce a particular word. So, in our spoken English class, the professionals teach them how to say a word in the right way and encourage them to speak confidently
  • We help students develop their communication skills to impress others. For example, if one is giving an interview for a job, he or she can impress the interviewer with his or her excellent English communication skills
  • By learning English from our online spoken English course in Kolkata, you can improve your articulation skills and explain your views to your boss, clients, and interviewers.

We believe that each student's English requirements are different and must be addressed in a personal manner. We create individual modules and design a learning plan that is specific to each student's needs and future plans. We offer courses ranging from the basics of English to advanced soft skills such as presentation skills and group discussion skills. We offer personalised services for different English communication services. 


In Google, type in "online spoken English courses near me." You will find the list of the best spoken English courses in the search results. From this, you can select one of them to learn English online. Other than this, you can browse through our website FastInfo Class where you will get all the details on how to join an online English speaking course. We provide spoken English courses at a very low cost when compared to other online English courses.

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