Tips to Enhance Your Spoken English in 3 Months

6 Ways to Improve Your Spoken English in 3 Months

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Many people aspire to speak fluent English. Despite the abundance of free resources available online, many people are unable to do so. In this post, we'll show you how to use free resources and online English speaking courses to improve your speaking and other skills.

Learning any language consists of four features: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. The key to mastering a language is to strike a balance between input and output. The input in this context is learning new words, phrases, and parts of speech, and the output is the practical use of those inputs in writing or speaking. In other words, in order to improve your English speaking and writing skills, you must concentrate on both input and output.

The online English speaking course is the best place to work on the "inputs" and "outputs" altogether. It allows you to learn at any time and from any location. Here are some ways you can make your English learning effective in 3 months:

1. Watch English media content

This is a great way to learn. Watch English-language media such as movies and TV shows. English-language media content is available on platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and TED Talks. You could also try the BBC World Service's live news. Choose contents that have closed captions enabled. 

To begin with, read along with the subtitles while watching the video. Take note of the words and phrases, as well as the context in which they are used. Take note of how certain phrases in a sentence are used depending on the context.

2. Converse with other English speakers

While we have concentrated on the inputs thus far, it is equally important to put your newly acquired knowledge to the test. Subscribe to various forums and groups on social media platforms and blog sites. 

Engage in active conversation and begin interacting with other English speakers. You can also use other instant messaging platforms. Apply new words and phrases you've learned. If possible, try to accept feedback. 

Receiving feedback will assist you in correcting errors. If you can't find other English speakers to practise with, you can speak with online English teachers in India. FastInfo Class connects you with top teachers at low prices and simplifies online spoken English classes.

3. Use other digital platforms

To track your progress, use simple mobile apps like a voice recorder to record your own voice and play it back. Listening to your own articulation and how you deliver phrases is an excellent way to identify errors and correct them. There are also mobile apps that use voice recognition to tell you if you're pronouncing words correctly. Try them out!

4. Practice

Effective communication and language command requires more than just saying the right words. Body language, tone, and confidence are also important considerations. So speak in front of a mirror, paying close attention to your gestures, expressions, and posture. 

Use the tools and apps to identify your errors and take corrective action. You can also seek the assistance of an English tutor in best spoken English classes.

5. Online English speaking course

There are numerous online spoken English classes available on the internet that allow you to learn at your own pace. Some of these courses include virtual classrooms and live instructor-led instruction. The courses will also assist in covering nearly all of the above aspects through guided learning and real-time mentoring and feedback. 

If you have the resources, practising English conversations with online English tutors is the most effective way to improve your English fluency.

6. Read in English

The Internet is the best place to read your preferred content. Try newspapers, science journals, entertainment blogs, sports reviews, or anything else that interests you. Make an effort to read from a source with high-quality English content. 

Start reading novels and books on a variety of topics. Reading helps you improve your speaking skills by acquainting you with the language. You can even use services like Speeder to practise speed reading in order to improve your skills.


Remember that learning a language is all about understanding its roots and beginning with the fundamentals. So, be confident and follow the tips above on how to learn English in 3 months and speak fluently. We guarantee you'll learn quickly! If you want to study abroad, our experts in online spoken English classes can provide you with the best advice on how to master the English language. Following the above guidelines, you can enhance your English skills faster in just 3 months.

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