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Learning a foreign language is a challenging experience, especially if it is English, one of the world’s most popular languages. Many people’s misconception is that learning to read and speak English is sufficient without appreciating the importance of being able to write it.

The ability to write correct English not just allows you to communicate and express yourself better in today’s globalised world but also gives you more confidence. This improves academic performance and increases professional opportunities. So, improve your English reading, writing, and speaking skills by joining the best spoken English course online and build more confidence in yourself.  

Some Great Tips to Learn English Essay Writing

You must carefully consider a number of qualities and aspects when writing an academic essay. When it comes to determining the difference between a great essay and a less standard one, focus, development, unity, coherence, and correctness all play major roles.  

Writing essays is a useful technique to develop your writing skills. There are some of the best spoken English classes that will help you learn this writing technique and make you a proficient writer.

Are you not sure where to start? We provide eight helpful tips to help you produce better English essays.

1. Keep a Vocabulary Notebook

The proper vocabulary is a crucial component of essay writing. You will be able to choose short terms to improve your writing when you make an effort to increase your vocabulary. 

Making a note of new words in your vocabulary notebook will save you from learning them just to forget about them later. By doing this, you may both use it as a reference when writing essays and help yourself remember the definitions of new words. The most important thing to be noted is that you must keep a notebook while attending the best spoken English classes.

Set a goal for yourself to learn ten new words per day, which you can record in your journal, and work your way up to a large number of words over time.  

2. Refer to Credible Sources

The basic step to write any form of essay is research. The quality of your essay will increase with the strength of your research. In this era when we have easy access to a variety of data, it’s critical to consider research sources and only use reliable ones carefully. 

Try to read through recent encyclopedias, academic databases, research studies, published articles, and scholarly papers. While analysing the source, it’s crucial to judge the author’s reliability.

3. Draft a Basic Outline

After completing your research, take your time to write. Spend a moment organising your research and findings and creating a basic plan for your essay. People generally ask “is that necessary?”. Yes, it is very much necessary. 

You can write the essay in an organised way by working on an outline. It acts as the framework for your essay, ensuring that you don’t omit any details and that your arguments make sense. The proficient teachers of the best spoken English classes teach their students all the important points needed to follow while writing essays. 

The three main sections of an essay are the introduction, body, and conclusion. You introduce the subject and provide a context in the introduction. Include your ideas and research technique in the body paragraphs (if any). The thesis statement must be restated and all the elements must be connected in the conclusion.

4. Hook the Reader

As people’s attention spans get shorter over time, it’s more crucial than ever to grab the reader’s attention right away and keep them interested in what you are writing.

Essay hooks are the initial one or two sentences of your essay that have the ability to pique the reader’s attention or disinterest them. The secret is to make a hook that draws the reader in and captures their interest.

There are many strategies you may use to keep the reader interested, from presenting an alarming statistic and a pertinent quote to using comedy and posting a rhetorical question.     

Don’t spend too much time trying to come up with a strong essay hook if you are having trouble. Complete the rest of your essay first, and then return to write a strong hook. 

5. Use the Pomodoro Technique

Writing an essay in one go is difficult, especially if English is not your first language. Using the Pomodoro technique is a good way to approach essay writing. This method requires you to set a timer for 25 minutes to complete the activity at hand, followed by a 5-minute break. You have a long 20-minute rest after four cycles of doing this. Some best spoken English courses online use this technique to make their students experts in writing.

Start by organising the work into smaller activities, such as research, creating an outline, writing the various paragraphs, citing sources, and editing. The timer can then be set, and you can begin monitoring your progress. By using this method, you may avoid distractions and maintain your focus. 

6. Pay Attention to Grammar Rules

Your essay might make some fascinating points, but you should always avoid using poor language because it makes reading difficult.  

Be careful when adding punctuation, double-check your sentence structure, stay as far away from passive voice as you can, and be aware of the distinctions between adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and verbs. So follow grammar standards to produce an essay that is well-written and coherent.

7. Write With Clarity

Although you might be tempted to impress the reader by using complicated metaphors and jargon, none of it actually ensures “excellent” writing. 

Clarity is one of the most crucial components of good writing. After reading your essays, you don’t want the reader to still be perplexed and bewildered. Use straightforward language, stop using jargon, and illustrate ideas with concrete examples since effective writing always wins. All these you will be able to learn in the best spoken English course online with highly-qualified and experienced teachers. 

8. Proofread the Essay

Last but not least, don’t forget to proofread your essay to make sure you have addressed all the points, correctly referenced your sources, and have not made any dumb mistakes. It’s a good idea to read your essay aloud so you can easily see mistakes and awkwardly constructed sentences. You could also ask a friend o member of your family to read your essay so that they may point out any errors or inconsistencies you might have missed.


One of the most basic difficulties new language learners encounter when learning English as a second language is writing. You can overcome your fears and strengthen your grasp of the language, but only through practice. Therefore, if you follow the eight tips in this blog, your English essay writing will undoubtedly improve. And if you want to learn English to improve your essay writing then enrol in our FastInfo class, one of the best spoken English classes online. Contact us today.

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