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How to Overcome Major Challenges of Learning English in India Through Spoken English Class?

FastInfo logoBy FastInfo Class Published On 19 May 2022 Updated On 31 May 2022 Category Spoken English

Most people learn English in India as their second or third language. For many years spoken English was recognized as something which high society people use. Previously, it was thought that people who knew English and could speak fluently were considered high-class people. Being able to speak English was thought to be one of the significant things that everyone cannot do. It reflected the status of the person. Nowadays, English has become a common and important language for people. Everyone wants to learn English in India for a better career as it is the language used in every field of specialization. 

Learning English as a second language can be challenging for anyone who doesn't know how to speak English in India. Even the people who speak English fluently have challenges with their own language because of the complexities and variations that lie within the language itself. When a person in India starts learning English, they face a myriad of challenges. At FastInfo Class, we offer the best spoken English classes in India to help our English learners achieve success and overcome these challenges. 

Some of the major challenges of learning English in India 

Here are 7 biggest challenges people face when learning English in India:


Grammar is the main complex in English. It is difficult to remember, learn and use it logically. When you are in conversation with someone speaking English at a fast pace, it is difficult to ensure that you are using correct grammar in your sentence. To most people learning grammar is like learning to drive. You can learn all the rules and theories of it but you won’t be good at it unless you practice it.

Grammar is extensively necessary, and not using it correctly can confuse the person you are speaking to and even alter the meaning of what you are saying. If that person is an English speaker then he will notice the errors in your sentence and will look at it negatively.    


While learning to write in English, many English learners can face the challenge of using correct spelling. There are many words that have silent letters or letters that together produce the sound of a single letter, for example, “ph” for “f”. This is the intricacy that many learners face to understand. There are also many words that sound the same but have different meanings, hence the learners need to practice hard to be experts in English in India. 


One of the major encountered problems for English learners in India is not being able to pronounce English correctly because of their mother tongue impact. The excessive use of their native language significantly affects their pronunciation.

The learners can find many words that do not sound the same as they are spelled. Therefore, they find many words difficult to pronounce. There are many different spellings that create similar sounds and also the words with silent letters.

When you pronounce a word incorrectly, the English speakers will surely notice it or become confused with your overall meaning and what you intend to say.  


Using standard vocabulary is often a challenge for the person who learns English in India, particularly when it comes to verb differences. Understanding which tense should be used in different situations becomes complex for the learners.

Of all languages, English has one of the largest vocabularies, hence it can be complicated for one to become adept at. if one uses vocabulary incorrectly while talking to an English speaker, it can be noticeable to him or her although it does not change the meaning of your sentence but can weaken it.

Lost in translation

A major problem that English learners in India face is that they get lost in translation. They translate phrases directly from their regional language. Hence, learning pronouns, and articles becomes a big challenge.

For instance, you might have heard the phrase “my health is bad”. However, the correct usage of this phrase would be, “I feel sick”. Indian learners should speak English from the basics, then try to translate. 

English Speaking environment

There is a lack of consciousness and inspiring models in our environment. In India, we know that everybody’s parents are not fluent in spoken English. Children learn through interaction with others, and this becomes a major issue. 

How can online spoken English classes help to overcome the challenges of learning English in India?

People who want to learn and speak English fluently can join an online spoken English class. Our FastInfo class is the best tutorial platform that provides online English speaking courses to people of all ages. Whatever challenges or problems one is facing in learning English in India our spoken English class will help them to overcome and succeed in achieving their goals. There are various ways in which our experts in FastInfo class help you break all the barriers and learn English effectively. 

  • Improve accuracy in grammar

As we know the main mistakes every English learner makes is the grammar portion. If you don’t know the rules and theories of grammar, it would be difficult for you to construct the proper sentence structure. 

Hence, our highly-qualified teachers will help you improve your grammar by teaching you every rule and explaining it in a clear way.

  • Refines and develop your reading skills

Reading is a very good habit. It improves your pronunciation, gets you new vocabulary, and thus develops your reading skills. The proficient teachers of online spoken English class will encourage you to read the chapter from English books during the class. Thus, refining your reading skills. 

  • Focus on your pronunciation

If you are learning English to speak well, the foremost thing you should do is to improve your pronunciation. Pronouncing words incorrectly will weaken your sentence structure. Our professionals stress English pronunciation along with other factors so that you can speak like experts and feel more comfortable.

  • Communication skill

If you are an English learner then you must have better communication skills. Your way of communication will show your personality. Your personality develops from your good communication skills.

You can enhance your communication skill in English in our online spoken English class in a few months. Our hired teachers will encourage you to communicate with them and your online class friends in English. 

There are many challenges to learning English in India, but at our FastInfo class, we provide online spoken English classes that help prepare our learners for overall success and the best understanding of the language. Our method of teaching helps to enhance their level of understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and jargon. When they complete their course they become fully prepared to immerse themselves in every field where they need to communicate in English. So, if you want to overcome these challenges and become more confident and skillful you can contact us today.

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