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7 Ways Online Spoken English Class Improves Your English Spelling

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With the emergence of social media, the writers and bloggers who are publishing articles, blogs, short stories, online journals, eBooks, etc, are rising rapidly over time. Though we have benefits of the availability of English content, still all are not written properly. There are a lot of mistakes and typing errors in the fast publishing works available online. Writing fluently with correct spelling is necessary for our daily communication and is not only limited to exams during school days. Hence, find an online spoken English class here at FastInfo.

It is vital to make the base strong in order to avoid errors in spelling as it is an essential part of it. Consider the fact that reading, writing and spelling go hand in hand. You need to learn the first principles of how to spell correctly before swooping into the world of writing and blogging. Any mistake in the spelling can result in miscommunication. 

FastInfo Class is the best tutorial platform that provides online English speaking classes to people of all ages and gender. Here you will have the options of group lessons and individual lessons. You can choose according to your requirements. Our expert teachers are highly-qualified and trained. They carefully focus on your spoken English and try to improve the things in which you are weak. They focus on each part of English where you need to improve.

Improve your English spelling through our online spoken English class

Take help with English spelling by enrolling in an online spoken English class. To master the English spelling, get proper guidance from our trained teachers of online english speaking classes. The teachers will assist you in improving your spelling by correcting your errors. You can begin from the basics and then further to more advanced spellings and writing tutorials.

The following strategies can help you in mastering your English spelling. 

Use mnemonics to memorize hard words

A mnemonic is a trick you can use to memorize certain difficult words. Spelling mnemonics are used to help you memorize the spelling of words. The teachers of online spoken English classes will tell you the spelling tricks to memorize specifically tricky spelling rules.

Spell out words loudly and clearly

While reading books you must spell out the words loudly and clearly in the group class so that teachers can hear you and rectify the parts where you make mistakes. Spelling out the words clearly will enable you to catch the difficult words easily. 

Memorize sight words 

Sight words are common words that frequently appear in your reading and writing, but might not always be sounded out. These words do not include a concrete image that accompanies them. 

You need to memorize them and understand them. Once you are done with sight words, move further to learn sight word phrases and sentences that can improve your spelling and reading fluency.

Read more books

When you start reading more books, you are able to distinguish between right and wrong words. With practice, you will also be able to understand when you should check the spelling of a word in the dictionary. Reading books is the best possible way to learn the phonetic nature of English and avoid mispronunciation. 

Learn common prefixes and suffixes

Many English words contain Greek and Latin roots and affixes. When you memorize these parts of a word, you will find the spelling easier. You must practice with a list of common suffixes to absorb how to spell common word endings, then move further to learn some important prefixes.

Once you learn these suffixes and prefixes, you will have knowledge of large numbers of English words. In an online spoken English class, teachers will teach you a list of suffixes and prefixes to learn.

Find the meanings in the dictionary

You must keep a dictionary with yourself. A dictionary contains the meaning of all words. While reading a book you find new words and don’t know the meaning of them. So, you can simply open your dictionary and find the meaning.

Along with the meanings, you will see the pronunciation of the words in the bracket. Searching meanings in the dictionary will also enable you to learn the spellings. Online English speaking classes always prefer you to keep a dictionary. 

Keep a track of tricky words

You may find some words hard to spell. Use a writing notebook to note down commonly misspelled words that you struggle with. You can also list down words with unusual spellings for learning easily.


If you face any difficulty in english spelling, ask the teacher of an online spoken English class to help you out before diving into another topic. One should always remember that it is essential to have a strong base. It takes time and a lot of practice for one to become a good speller. By working hard, practising and getting proper guidance from an online teacher, you can be an expert in english spelling and writing.

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