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How to Improve English Vocabulary for Spoken English

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There's a lot of suggestions for you to begin learning with. The most essential part of getting a hold of this spoken English is to learn words that act as a pillar to support your conversation. Whether you are in your academic level, college, or you're employed or other, learning English is one skill you are never late to learn. Firstly, learn to add more vocab in your stock. There are different ways to grow your vocabulary and improve your English.

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Fastinfo Has Compiled Some Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary

1. Teacher Suggesting Read New Contents from Books & Articles

Remember reading storybooks in childhood? I guess you do. Building vocabulary is not as difficult as you think. When reading you will encounter new words in context. Looking for words in a novel or any newspaper article is far better than seeking them from vocabulary lists. When you learn words from any paragraph you read, you not only explore unknown words but also see how they’re used.

2. Use Traditional Dictionaries and Modern Thesaurus

For learning spoken English, you can use a traditional dictionary. Well after reading and coming up with new words, sometimes you may find it difficult to cope up with the meanings of a few words. Going through a dictionary or maybe an online thesaurus can be helpful resources if used properly. With both of these in your use, your memory can be boosted with knowledge of synonyms that act as a more suitable word in the context of what you’re writing. Moreover, dictionary definitions also teach you about words like antonyms (opposites), root words, and related words (substitutes), which is a different way to add vocabulary.

3. Teacher Suggesting Play Word Scrabble and Boggle

There's no age bar in playing word games. Classic games like Scrabble and Boggle function as a fun way to increase your English vocabulary. Not to forget that crossword puzzles are also damn good for word buildup.

4. You Can Subscribe to “word of the day” feeds

With the expansion of technology in this modern world, learning anything is possible. Adding new words into your stock is one of them. There are a lot of websites and applications available that provide "Word of the day", you can subscribe to the free newsletter or feed to get updated with new words every day along with searching on the internet on how to improve English vocabulary.

5. Use new words in general conversation

Now that you have started adding words in different ways in English vocabulary, you need to categorize the words accordingly and keep a note of them and then you need to practice them in your daily conversations.

It’s easy to accumulate vocabulary with advanced English vocabulary without actually knowing how to use words but it needs practice to bring them into fluency. It implies that you need to take it upon yourself and put your notepad dictionary into use. Whenever you come across an interesting word while reading an article, make sure you point it out and use it in any random conversation. It's obvious to make mistakes in the beginning but it makes a man perfect with consistent practice. You just need to keep the track of your words and make them work in your conversation and ACE your speaking skills with vocabulary.

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