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5 First Day Activities form our Readers

FastInfo logoBy FastInfo Class Published On 25 Jun 2021 Updated On 26 Jun 2021 Category Spoken English
When was the Last time you did something for the First time?

The first day of the new batch can be nut-cracking for the students/learners as the new batch is filled with unknown people across India, no matter their age, race, ethnicity, gender, profession, etc. Thus, it is important as a trainer to introduce various activities to create a comfort zone for the readers.

Here are the 5 best activities to do that our readers have liked the most:

  1. The Interactive Discussion ---> The first day of our session is all about the discussion about the students. Where they are from, what they are looking for, what are their strengths and weaknesses, why they have joined the classes and so on.
    It gives them a comfort zone to be more flexible in the class and be less hesitant. The best way to get them introduced is a platform that is very much versatile for them.
  2. The Icebreaker Round ---> The first class also includes a session of ‘Ice Breakers’ as it is the best thing to make them participate actively. As because people are there from different back-ground, and have a common goal, as it is a newly formed group. Though the topic may seem unfamiliar to some of the members, as a trainer it is the best way to know them and vice versa.

  3. The Picture Elaboration ---> This activity is one of the best ones to know a student’s level. It somehow gives them the motivation to express their views and also helps the trainer in assessing the readers. It helps in identifying the segments where he/she has to work on and make them achieve their goals.
  4. Who’s Best At What ---> If the readers get motivated at the very first class. They get a boost. It’s very common to ask someone what they are best at and then let them boast about themselves.
    It helps them to start with a very familiar thing that they are good at and come over the hesitations they have when it comes to communication.
  5. The Individual Target ---> Setting up targets for the readers on the very first day is very essential. It makes them understand the importance of learning as well as practicing. They will also understand that if they are unable to achieve the targets, they will be at a loss. It makes them more sincere about the class, and they take it more seriously.

Creating different activities according to the student’s requirement makes it easier to take classes as well as promote a diverse environment. It also helps to embrace cultural diversity in your classroom. 

With the online interactive classes, we help readers to be more confident with the communication skill they have had previously and help them to polish it moreover they get the opportunity to discuss different topics which makes them prepared to face different questions easily.

At FastInfo ClassTM we help readers to become more and more confident day by day. We have students from all across India on the same platform so that they meet their needs. Our professionals are versatile and they take care of the readers in their comfort zone.


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