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10 Tips to Enhance Your English Essay Writing Skills

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Does writing an essay sound a bit scary to you? Just consider it as an opportunity to enhance your writing abilities. Nobody anticipates your first English essay writing to be flawless. You can develop your skills by making sure you learn something new with each essay you write.

Essay Writing Skills are something that we encounter in childhood in our school. Writing is undoubtedly a useful skill that we carry with us through high school, college, and our working lives. As we progress from writing essays on fundamental topics, we write essays for entrances, theses, dissertations, and even essays for jobs.

We will provide you with ten tips in this blog that will help you with better English essay writing while you’re learning English. 

Some Amazing Tips for Better English Essay Writing

Below are some useful tips for writing good essays in English that may help you in your academic and professional career. Continue reading to get more information.

  •   Keep a Vocabulary Notebook 

The right vocabulary is a crucial part of English essay writing. You’ll be able to choose precise terms to advance your writing when you make an effort to increase your vocabulary. 
So, whenever writing an essay, keep a vocabulary notebook with you. This will be very helpful in making your sentences eye-catching.   

  •   Refer to Reliable Sources

The most important step in writing any kind of essay is research. The quality of your essay will increase with the strength of your research. In this era, when we have easy access to a variety of sources, it’s critical to carefully consider research sources and only use reliable ones. 

Try to read through recent encyclopedia articles, academic databases, research studies, and scholarly papers. While analyzing the source, it’s crucial to judge the author’s reliability.  

  •   Create a Word Bank

This is an intriguing method of English essay writing. Select a topic and write a thesis. This is the main debate of your essay. For instance, if reading is your topic, your thesis statement can be “Reading enhances your intelligence.”  

Once you have decided on a thesis, consider your main topic and come up with several different words that relate to it. Then, expand (broaden, diversify) your list to include words that don’t have as much in common with your main subject.  

  •   Make Topic Sentences

The topic sentence is a paragraph’s opening sentence. This sentence summarises the entire paragraph. You can make them first to assist you in staying on track when writing your essay. 

One paragraph’s topic sentence for the thesis “Reading makes you smarter” can be “Newspapers make you more informed of current events.” You may use the statement “Reading plays and classic literature will make you more cultured" as the topic sentence for another paragraph.
If you’re writing about those three concerns, write three complete sentences that each address the same primary issue affecting authors today. Put these apart. You should then use your topic sentences as a guide when writing the essay to establish a clear structure using points A and C. 

  •   Hook the Reader

As the span of the reader’s attention gets shorter over time, it’s more crucial than ever to grab the reader’s attention right away and keep them interested in what you’re writing. 

There are many strategies you may use to keep the reader interested, from presenting an alarming statistic and a pertinent quote to using comedy and posing a rhetorical question.   

Don’t spend much time trying to come up with a strong essay hook if you’re having trouble. Complete your essay first, and then return to create a strong hook.

  •   Utilise Pomodoro Technique

Utilising the Pomodoro technique is a good approach to writing an English essay. This method requires you to set a timer for 25 minutes to complete the activity at hand, followed by a 5-minute break. Repeat this four times and then have a long 20-minute rest. 

Start by organizing the work into smaller activities, such as research, creating an outline, writing the different paragraphs, citing sources, and editing. The timer can then be set, you can begin English essay writing using the strategy, and you can monitor your progress.     

  •   Focus on Grammar

You may put some fascinating points, but at the same time, avoid using poor grammar because it makes reading difficult.  

Be cautious when adding punctuation, double-check your sentence structure, avoid using the passive voice as much as possible, and know the distinctions between adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and verbs. 

Follow grammar rules to produce an essay that is well-written and coherent. 

  •   Use an Online Thesaurus 

A thesaurus is another useful resource when preparing an English essay writing. A thesaurus provides you with synonyms or words that signify the same thing as the word you are looking for. It’s crucial because it can improve the volume of your essay and the power of your words. 

  •   Combine and Separate Sentences

After you’ve finished writing the essay, go back and look for any sentences that seem excessively wordy or long. Break one long sentence into one or two sentences.  

For instance, the following sentence is incomprehensible because it is too long:

If you wish to write in the English language, you must practice writing in creative ways, such as on a blog, in an interesting and fun poem, or by messaging someone who speaks the language you’re studying every day.        

Instead, you may break it up into two sentences that are more comprehensible and use the term “writing” less frequently like this: 

If you wish to write in another language, you must practice writing creatively. For instance, you can start a blog, write humorous poetry, or text a friend. 

  •   Check the Essay with Your Friend 

Rewrite the entire essay after you and your partner have both reviewed it and noted any errors. This step is very crucial. You won’t be able to learn how to avoid making errors in the future by simply acknowledging that you made some. 
You can teach yourself how to write those sections properly by revising the essay with the corrections in mind. You’ll make a mental note to use proper language or spell a term accurately. So, the next time you write it, you’ll be more likely to get it right. 


Learning a new language is undoubtedly one of the challenging things. The process requires a lot of time and dedication because there are so many small details to understand. But with practice, you’ll get better. 

I hope you were able to identify one or two suggestions that will help you in better English essay writing or Improve Essay Writing Skills. Try utilizing all of these tactics—or at least several of them—in your writing practice over time.

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