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7 English Words that Nobody uses Anymore

FastInfo logoBy FastInfo Class Published On 18 Jun 2021 Category Spoken English

As time moves on, we grow older, new generations come up, language also evolves. We have a habit of changing with the current trend, so does this language which has been used since time immemorial, some words which were very popular in earlier days like old words not used any more. 

So, we need to update ourselves and walk hand in hand with the current trend and contemporary lingo.

Here is a little glimpse at some English words not used any more, words which have gone out of fashion and new words which can be used as substitutes and also help you keep up with changing times.

Let us look at the list. Here we go→ 

  • Twattle- to talk in a trivial or foolish way

Alternative word- Gossip

  • Grumpish- to look bad-tempered or sullen

Alternative word- Sulky

  • Beef-witted- Stupid and dull

Alternative word- Dim-wit

  • Fuzzle- getting drunk or intoxicated.

Alternative word- Sloshed

  • Sluberdegullion- a filthy or slobbering person

Alternative word- Slob or Dirtbag

  • Fudgel- Pretending to be busy but in reality not doing anything worthwhile.

Alternative word- Shirker

  • Brabble- To argue loudly about nothing worthwhile

Alternative word- Bicker


This is just a small glimpse of Old words not used any more, as to how the language has changed, and we see the alternative words are quite popular nowadays. We never know when these words will lose popularity and will be substituted with new trendy words.

So, to keep your language updated and learn interesting words to make your conversation trendy, you can take the help of our accomplished trainers and join our classes to revise your speaking skills.

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