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5 Ways to Embrace Cultural Diversity into your Classroom

FastInfo logoBy FastInfo Class Published On 23 Jun 2021 Category Spoken English
Strength Lies in Differences and not in Similarities

What is ‘Cultural Diversity’ in the classroom?

Cultural Diversity contains a lot of factors that include race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, ability, age, religious belief, or political conviction as the main factors that work together to inform us about how students, teachers, professionals and everyone else encounter the world.

Importance of ‘Diversity’ in the online classroom

Learners take classes to improve themselves in some better way and to stand apart from the crowd, so teaching is something that must affect and embrace the realities that come in real life with working in any place.

Promoting Diversity in a classroom has a lot of benefits, which are backed by a lot of research. Diversity in the classroom builds better thinkers, as students are no exception to this rule. Diversity in the classroom can teach students about how they can appreciate different perspectives and draw stronger conclusions.

Giving challenges to students to consider different perspectives teaches them about how they can interact with their peers on a social level and mould them with the skills they can use for the rest of their life. It improves academics as well as life outcomes.

5 ways to embrace Cultural Diversity into your classroom:

  • Get To Know Your Students --->The first thing before setting up Class diversity is getting to know the students. Students are the ones who make up the class. For the first day, interaction with each student is an essential part that plays a vital role for future classes.
    Knowing about the strengths and weaknesses may help in creating a better teaching process that has a better impact on the students. The students need the ambience from the teacher, who is responsible for creating an environment where they freely communicate and feel comfortable to socialize easily.
    So knowing them on the first day is the best thing that can promote cultural diversity in the classroom.
  • Adapting The Best Teaching Materials ---> If you’re a teacher, and you know your students, choosing and adapting and upgrading your study material for the crowd is the best. Teaching material is something that needs to be specific for your students, as different students may have different requirements. Having a material that is well researched and developed so that it is easily understandable by the students can create a better teaching and learning environment.
  • Working To Point Our Inequality ---> As a part of teaching, supporting diversity in a classroom is to create an environment for students and teachers to discuss how issues of inequality can affect them on a personal, classroom and school level.
    There should be a conversation that should not just end in mere words, as in order to bring changes, teachers need to take some steps to point out the inequality when they encounter such:
    1. Stop the discrimination whenever you come across one.
    2. Teachers should always use a positive tone of speech to promote motivation all the time.
    3. Giving immediate response to improper comments and taking effective actions so that things do not repeat.
    4. There should be some rules to keep the class well organized and promote equality.

  • Staying Connected With Parents --->Conveying your thoughts about diversity to the parents is one of the most important things to be done. When it comes to the kids, the trainers should stay connected to the parents. The trainer should convey information whatever is needed to be informed to the parents.
    And knowing what the parents seek, question or concern about. Listening to them helps a lot in adapting to the best diversity. Inviting them to identify things that they feel could be included in the curriculum so that things can get more focus.
  • Diversify The Learning Needs ---> Learning needs are something that extends beyond the factors like race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, ability, age etc. Teaching and learning should be a synchronized process. Giving a diversified platform to learn is a tough job, but it still is something that amplifies the process of teaching and learning.
    1. Introduction of different teaching methods, as well as the introduction of adaptive technologies in teaching process, increases the efficiency
    2. Making sure that students are attending the sessions, lectures and actively participating in the class activities as well.

Talking all about diversity in a classroom can bring up an endless number of facts, thoughts, and the discussion can be hours long. But to come to a conclusion, Cultural Diversity in a classroom plays a vital role in both teaching and learning processes. Teachers should always promote diversity in a classroom.
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