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Only Desi, a Newly Launched Digital Marketplace from FastInfo Group of companies

FastInfo logoBy FastInfo Class Published On 07 Aug 2021 Updated On 09 Aug 2021 Category FastInfo Group of Companies

FastInfo Class™, the Online Education platform on which we all are deeply engaged for the last few years, is here to announce a big thing! FastInfo Group of Companies, the mother organization of FastInfo Class™ is launching another brand as a digital marketplace for the sellers, manufacturers, franchises, and buyers.

The thing that makes us delighted is another unique and helpful brand from us to facilitate the Indians from a business perspective. The name Only Desi itself implies that just like FastInfo Class™, the budding entity would focus completely on the upliftment and betterment of the citizens of India, following the footsteps of FastInfo Class™.

What is Only Desi?

The response would be very simple from the perspective of FastInfo Class™. As you all have been benefited from the online classes and guidance provided by FastInfo Class™, Only Desi would especially focus on the businessmen of the country with the online aids.

In Only Desi, the sellers from any corner of the country can list their business for FREE and will get Rs. 500 as a credit point to be in touch with the business clients as Zero Cost. A unique beneficial feature of Only Desi, like the 100% LIVE Classes of FastInfo Class™. Isn’t it?

The beneficial features of Only Desi do not end here! We would assist the franchises too in their ways. Following our business policies, Only Desi will permit only one franchise from one PIN Code so that they can build their business empire without any prior competition in the initial days.

Apart from that, Only Desi would proudly focus only on the Desi, Local brands, manufacturers, sellers, and retailers, so that they can easily bring the best out of their business within the Indian soil. 

From the buyers’ point-of-view, Only Desi would solitarily focus on exploring the Indian products and services and showcasing them in front of the potential customer base. A lot of times we have heard that the people of India are looking for Indian products or services but do not get them due to a lack of communication and business channels available to serve the Indians.

But, we would act as a bridge here, between the Indian products, services, and the people eagerly looking for those. As it is already said, the small businessmen would not have to pay a single penny to list their business here and getting the leads from every part of the nation.

How to start with Only Desi?

Any enthusiastic business person who wants to list their business and reach out to the Indian customer base through an easily accessible online platform can easily reach out to us at from their smartphones, desktops, or any other electronic devices.

After logging into the portal, the seller, or the franchisers will get an ample amount of guidance and data to start their business endeavors in front of entire India by just using the easily accessible Only Desi website.

Following the successful footsteps of the Govt. of India certified Ed-Tech portal FastInfo Class™, is bringing the best online business portal for the country and looking for your blessings and cooperation.

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