Benefits of speaking English fluently

What are the Benefits of Speaking English Fluently?

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 Language is “the infinite use of finite means.” – Wilhelm von Humboldt


The world is speaking English and is tied together with this one language of communication. Amidst this global community filled with various cultures and languages, we connect through the English language as one of the widely spoken languages because of its numerous benefits! 

Even if we have a strong base in the English language, what we look for is fluency and accuracy while communicating with other people. We wouldn’t like to use fillers or gap sounds while speaking to someone or in a meeting. Now, let us know the importance of speaking English fluently.

Top 10 Advantages of Fluent English Speaking Skills in India

  • Increases your Income Scope

The business world needs English, fluent and formal English. The whole corporate world including that of India is based on this language. So, to be competent enough and stand out, one needs to gain fluency in English.

In this time of rapid globalization, adding English fluency to your language skills can be rewarding to you both in terms of position and salary.

  • Overall Improvement of knowledge and understanding

This is one of the most important reasons why you should learn to speak fluently in English. This language opens an ocean of knowledge before and works as a bridge of communication between you and the whole world.

All the major Literary masterpieces, Magazines, movies, and TV shows, and inspirational speeches by famous people are in English. Of course, you can find translated or dubbed versions, but the original essence is lost in some cases.

  • Confidence Building and communication skills

This is probably the most practical advantage of being able to speak English fluently. When you are a fluent speaker of this language, you can easily interact with people from different places, both in formal and informal settings, regarding any matter.

You attain a level of confidence in yourself from this proficiency and then makes your personality an impressive one. Some people feel shy from speaking in public just due to their lack of fluency in English. This makes them socially very awkward. Then, be it a complaint call, a feedback call, or just collecting some information from a hotel about vacant rooms, you’ll face all of it and more with ease!

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  • Leaving a lasting Impression

Sounds harsh but it is a fact. English, being the universal language, has its status in various disciplines of work and society. If you are a fluent speaker of English, you can leave a lasting impression on a larger scale.

That’s why, starting from movie actors, sportsmen, businessmen, motivational speakers, poets, and writers - everyone addresses the general public in English. Having talked about the outlined advantages of speaking English fluently, let me summarize some reasons why you should be fluent in English.

  • Ability to Connect with the World

The world is a vast place and learning English as ESL ( English as a Second Language ) will help you to communicate with people from any nation around the globe. When you know the language, you easily connect to the people and get to know about their culture and country. Starting from Social media platforms to booking a cab on Uber, your English proficiency can get you through.

  • The Language of Business

English is the International language of business. Be it an office meeting or presentation, English will help you get the limelight. Your company will send you as the representative in business negotiations and meetings. Whenever there are foreign clients to deal with, you’ll be called upon by your company if you have that smooth flow in the language.

  • Enjoy Travel Experiences

Basic knowledge of English is needed when you travel English speaking countries and communicate with locals abroad. Paying for a hotel, ordering at a restaurant, or asking for directions is a lot easier with fluency in this language.

Getting the full flavor of visiting a foreign country comes when you know the proper language to connect with the people living there. And the English language is the bridge that lets you do that.

  • Better Work Opportunities

When you have ESL in your resume, high-end jobs and acclaimed MNCs will open their doors for you! This is always an added advantage in your profile that attracts recruiters. Better opportunities, quicker promotions and getting a chance to represent your company - you get it all when you are confident and fluent in English.

  • Better Academic Scopes

Knowing English helps a student to get better at Academic and Career scopes. The student can easily apply and crack the admission tests of acclaimed Universities all over the world. The student can stand out in such acclaimed Institutes or Universities when he/she delivers an amazing speech on some topic in front of everyone.

  • Easy to Learn

One of the main reasons is this language is quite easy to learn in a very short time. Yes, you have heard it right! English is the easiest language to learn in this world. Thorough practice and more culture with this language will make it seem like a piece of cake for you. Only 26 letters in the English alphabet and a few important Grammar rules, that’s all! Everything else in the English language is flexible and fun to learn.

Start today, start learning English and try speaking more frequently. Start by setting your goals. By defining a goal and deadline, you can have a planned approach to achieving it. If not for any purpose, do it for yourself and your upskilling.

How Can We Help You In Your Spoken English Journey? 

FastInfo Class can help you to learn Spoken English online with ease in just three months. During this lockdown period, it’s the best opportunity to upskill yourself from our panel of skilled trainers. An integrated course module that involves all the important topics of communication and lots of interactive sessions will help you shine brighter with fluency in this language at an unbeatable price in the market.

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