Ways of Boosting Confidence While Speaking English

9 Ways of Boosting Confidence While Speaking English

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Do you feel nervous and shy while speaking in English with others? If your answer is yes, this is because of your lack of confidence. Many people feel embarrassed speaking English in front of others, although they know the language but are not good at speaking. 

So, you don’t need to worry now, as we will share some easy tips and tricks on how to speak English confidently in this blog that will assist you in boosting confidence while conversing in English.

How To Be Confident While Speaking English

Confidence is something that gives you the courage to overcome your fear. Some people just seem to have it naturally, even if they aren’t necessarily the best at what they do. For the rest of us, it’s something we’ll have to work on over time. However, there are a few shortcut techniques to Speak English With Confidence in public places. Here we are going to discuss nine uncommon strategies to immediately boost your confidence when speaking English.

1. Breath 

Breathing is something that you forget while feeling nervous. Having enough oxygen in your bloodstream is essential for feeling confident and speaking a language fluently. Take a long deep breath before speaking to give yourself time to think and feel more confident.  

2. Slow down and stay calm

Speaking slowly makes you sound more confident and responsible and also affects how you feel. It not only assists you in boosting confidence but also allows you some time to think about what you will be saying next.  

When you’re nervous, you can forget what you want to say, or you might stutter, mumble, or speak too fast. Relax to keep your nerves at bay. You’ll be able to think clearly when you’re calm.   

3.  Be conscious of your body language

Your body language reflects how you feel. People have two different body languages- open and closed. Open body language might assist you in speaking English confidently in public. If you have closed body language, you will feel nervous and submissive.

Keep eye contact with the audience and stand up straight. Avoid putting your hands in your pockets or crossing your arms across your chest.   

4. Smile 

Many studies have shown that smiling positively affects people’s moods, making them feel happier and calmer even when nothing else changes in their situation. Make use of this while speaking English to feel happier and more confident. 

5. Develop your listening and reading skills

Preparing to speak English should not be done just a few hours or days before. It should be an ongoing process. Be more worried about how others will respond to you than about what you will say. You should read more to learn to listen more. These two exercises will assist you in expanding your vocabulary.  

6. Work on your accent 

If your accent is strong enough, it may make understanding difficult. So, it is recommended that you work on reducing it by improving your pronunciation. Learn how to correctly put the stresses in English words.    

Learn correct phrases, which helps reduce your accent while also allowing your listeners to become accustomed to your accent so they can comprehend what you’re saying. 

7. Visualise success

Many great athletes employ this technique. Imagine yourself speaking English clearly and fluently before you begin. You’ll feel more confident and know what you’re going for if you visualize the best possible conclusion to the issue. 

8. Keep practising 

Boosting confidence in speaking English starts with practice. The more you converse in the language, the less nervous you will feel.

Many students are concerned about their spoken English because they are afraid of making mistakes and being embarrassed. Best of all, it’s simple to include in your daily routine! 

Using English more in your discussions, responding in English, and even spending a few minutes each day practising pronunciation will help you become more comfortable listening, comprehending, and then speaking English.      

9. Reward yourself

Recognize and appreciate your own strengths. Appreciating your strength might assist you in boosting confidence in your spoken English. Remember to applaud yourself whenever you notice yourself improving your word usage or sentence structure. 

You can even record your achievement by writing it down or typing it into your phone. These little reminders demonstrate how far you've gone and keep you going!


Try one of the techniques in the blog today and see how much confidence it makes you feel. Hope these tips will improve your English conversations and help you to speak confidently in public. Remember that English is just a language. Don't let your English Speaking practice be the source of your mental stress. Yet, if you face any difficulties in learning English, join FastInfo class to learn an English course from a highly-qualified and experienced teacher and start building confidence in yourself to speak English fluently and confidently.

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