Top 15 Podcasts for Learning English in 2024

Top 15 Podcasts for Learning English in 2024

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Podcasts are great platforms for learning any language you prefer. This article will provide you with the most buzzed English podcast channels that are renowned for basic to advanced Spoken English learning.

What are podcast channels?

Podcasts are a digital medium consisting of audio and video episodes sequentially that relate to specific themes. These podcast channels usually get created with some vested intention of teaching or entertainment.

What are Spoken English Podcast Channels?

When it is created for teaching English, the podcasters try to create episodes by maintaining the gradual flow of teaching so that everybody can learn the matter from the very beginning to the end. Usually, they do not create content haphazardly jumbling up the themes of the matter.

The concept of podcast popularity

We are living in the age of global digitalization and people are prone to playing various types of entertaining videos on their laptops or smartphones. The English teaching institutes and individuals targeted the audience through podcasts and started delivering podcasts with vested interests. Usually, their podcasts are arranged logically for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners step by step. Some platforms are also created for various other purposes to satisfy specific needs like tours and travel English, corporate needs for spoken English, and many other particular purposes.

How to access podcast channels?

To access podcast channels, you just should have a smartphone or any other digital device like a laptop, desktops, or tablets. One more thing is that the powerful internet is also essential for you to play any podcast channel you like.

Then, you have to visit the link (URL) of the channel and start learning Spoken English skills from it. You can also search them through their channel names. You will get their link to click on.  

One thing you have to keep in mind is that these English Channels must not be kept lightly and for casual entertainment. To learn English in-depth, you have to grab the information and implement it practically. If you remain relaxed about the content that they are free and will pay attention to later, you will never pay attention to it. Time will pass and you will remain at the same level where you are now. Maybe podcast channels are for free and they guide you without charging you a little, you must not ignore them. Pay attention to their lessons and guide, we can bet you that you will learn. Friends, your determination matters most. If you are determined to learn, go through the piece of writing, and you will learn the names of the best podcast channels that will help you the most.

Why are podcasts so important?

  • If you have a smartphone with powerful internet, you can access it anywhere.
  • Whether you are traveling or jogging, you can learn it with headphones.
  • Learn spoken English from the best teachers in the universe
  • Options for choosing channels to Learn spoken English
  • They never play a persuasive action to stay there- it is your choice
  • During your commute or workout, you can even learn a few words and pronunciation
  • No bar to learning time- use your free time
  • Repeat the course video whenever you want.

Top 15 Podcast Channels to Improve Spoken English Skills

Elementary Level Podcasts for Spoken English:

1. Learn English

If you want to learn English from the entry level, “Learn English” would be a fantastic podcast channel for the British Council. The episodes are created in such a way that you will learn English very easily. All the episodes are mostly discussion-based and cover everyday vocabulary matched with the situation we face day in and day out. They also provide the most essential supportive materials to learn English efficiently.

The most essential factor of the channel is that it offers a free downloading option for video transcriptions. Besides, they offer a host of free supportive materials. You will make lightning-fast progress in improving your Spoken English skills.

Where to listen?

Usually, the podcast is available through the Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and British Council website through the browser. You can choose any of the options to learn English.

The theme of the podcast:

British culture, sports, current topics, society, and more. Therefore, you can easily learn the lesson very effectively. If you want to learn English from the beginning to the end, you can follow this podcast channel.

2. Voice of America

If you are keen to learn spoken English, Voice of America would be the best option for you. The most amazing factor for this podcast channel is that you will learn spoken English through current and interesting topics.

The podcast channels are impressive for learners because the audio and videos are spoken at a slower speed compared to regular spoken speed. Hence, people can easily understand the courses that they want to provide. This channel is designed with the topics of different interests of people. So, everybody will get their preferred topics. In the channel, Voice of America, there is a program called American Mosaic that discusses the pop culture of the USA. On the other hand, “The Making of a Nation” discusses the history of the nation. You will also get the program on science and technology as well. When they discuss any topic, they concentrate on discussing grammar.

So, you will not only learn spoken English from this channel, but you will also become a smart person with a lot of information.

3. Espresso English

Espresso English is one of the English boosting podcast channels, in which fun is the way to learn. Whenever you get a discussion on any topic, the entire matter goes on with amusement and fun. So, nobody will be bored at getting the classes. Each lesson is only for five to ten minutes. One class is not too lengthy to bore students. These classes teach English grammar, idioms, phrases, vocabulary, and many more.

Intermediate Level Podcasts

4. English Learning for Curious Minds:

If you search for English Learning for Curious Minds on the web, you will get the first option. But the link or URL is something different. On the URL, you will get Leonardo English dot com.

As per their demands, their podcasts are equipped with:

  • You can learn English from fascinating stories
  • You can easily learn English and improve your listening skills.
  • You can learn online with the help of a mobile or laptop
  • You can improve the vocabulary, subtitles, and easy transcriptions

If you are an intermediate learner, this English podcast channel will help you a lot. You can learn English with fun and joy with some weird and wonderful things. With great amusement in your mind, you can learn English easily. The people who like to enjoy such stories are a great place for learning English. So, English learning for Curious Minds is another milestone for learning spoken English.

This channel covers a wide range of topics for teaching spoken English. Their topics for teaching are politics, philosophy, technology, and more. The duration of each episode is 20 minutes. There, you will get a host of vocabulary lists, subtitles, transcripts, and more. They also have formed a community, “Curious Minds” and participate in different events, courses, and challenges.

5. 6 Minute English

Yes, the classes are designed only for 6 minutes, not more than that. It is quite impressive that you need not stay listening to be bored.

6 Minute English by BBC Learning English is a great channel for learning English easily. Here, you will get an amusing discussion on a topic targeting some new English, vocabulary and idioms and phrases. You can also get transcription from the video. The download links are available with the video in the comment box. Apart from all these, there you will get a list of unknown words, explanatory meanings, and subtitles to learn English.

If you find the channel on YouTube, you will also get more suggestions or learning links in the comment box. In a word, it is an arranged podcast channel for improving your English-spoken skills. It is a very impressive and essential online podcast channel for new and intermediate learners.

6. Podcasts in English

We visited the site and tried to listen to and understand the courses and their modules. Then, we understood that Podcasts in English are quite impressive to beginners and intermediate-level spoken English learners. No, it is not all for them. They have selected some podcasts for beginners, and others for intermediate learners. They also have selected levels one and two or three. In this way, they have created such a sequence of courses that anybody can grasp the lessons very effectively.

The most amusing fact is that you will get situation-based English courses there. For example, if you want to learn Business English, for Teachers, Travelogues or any type of pronunciation classes, you will get all of them here. They also have information or itinerary-based podcasts. After visiting there, you will get to know the real channel and how they teach. You can try it.

7. Culips ESL Podcast: Learn English for Everyday Use

This podcast channel has 800+ episodes and 7 great series for learning English. Starting from the beginning stage to the intermediate stage, these podcast channels are very impressive. They have nicely segmented their courses into “chatbox”, “catch the word,"  “simplified speech”, “real talk”, “speakeasy”, and “English tips from the Culips hosts”. So, you can perfect your English speaking flaws and learn spoken English easily from here.

Advanced-level podcasts

8. The English We Speak

The English We Speak is a podcast channel from BBC dot co dot UK. You will get short videos, where you will get the discussion of all the common everyday topics. They are gradually increasing the number of videos with the topic of various events that you require in everyday English.

Cakeism, Going with the Flow, Joining the Club, Filling Your Boots, Hard At, Running For The Hills, and many more are their present files. That is why you can learn more and more through this podcast channel. Choose your topic and learn English efficiently.

9. Splendid Speaking

Splendid Speaking is one of the best spoken English practice courses. There, you will get advanced-level spoken English practice through voice podcasts. If you want to get prepared for CAE or The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), this course is for you. You can also get to learn the way to spontaneous speaking with the interviewer. A course is also prepared for it. Every day, they add various types of classes with certified spoken English proficient and knowledgeable teachers. Learn Spoken English for your purpose-oriented reasons from here. So, visit the page regularly and get new classes. If you subscribe to email, you will be able to download a new spoken English e-book for free until it is available.

10. All Ears English Podcast

They say that you can achieve superior English fluency for business and life. Besides, you can learn English to be a successful career opportunist in globalized companies. So, you may be required to get training in English for CAE or The International English Language Testing System (IELTS). If you practice and follow the episodes of this institution, you will learn it easily. They have an archive for all the posts that they have made. There you will get all recent to older posts of podcasts. Visit there and learn in detail.

Their lesson duration is only 10 to 15 minutes. The target audience for the course is the entire world. Two cheerful and motivated English speakers discuss all matters and provide tips for further improvement. There you will learn exclusive expressions during conversation, vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs, and more. However, the conversations are in American English. They also teach the culture, etiquette, and customs of American English through the episodes.

11. Luke’s English Podcast

“Learn British English with Luke Thompson.” He has been creating podcasts for more than 14 years to this day. Luke was a qualified English teacher in London for 18 years. Hence, he has a great teaching experience. Besides, he is a great stand-up comedian. That is why Luke is a multi-talented teacher. That is why, his class is not full of boring speeches and suggestions. He also discusses some stories of great writers. Being an award-winning English podcaster, he always provides insightful episodes with 874 episodes till the day of writing this article. The most impressive episodes are always getting created by him, “Britain Comedy”, “British Music”, “Quintessentially British Things”, and many other topic discussions. Just visit there and experience what it is. You will surely be impressed by his impressive voice-over podcasts.

12. This American Life

The American Life is a popular podcast channel for learning advanced English featuring top-quality surprising stories, slow pronunciation to understand, and diction of funny stories. You will get these episodes in Apple Podcasts and Spotify applications. There is no option mentioned for Android phones, as per the website of “The American Life.”  However, on a page, we noticed a QR code for an Android application. They have announced that they have launched an Android application, but we could not find it by QR code scanning. Again, on the Google Play Store, it is available with a different logo (red). So, it is not genuine. Be careful.

Now, come back to the courses and lessons of the class. The last podcast was with the number 827 (All the Kings: The Things We Break and the Ones We Can't Fix). Hence, you will get all the amusing stories, and learning materials there.

The most impressive factor is that you will get the option to download all the podcasts in the mp3 version. So, you can listen to all the podcasts whenever or wherever you want, with or without an internet connection. It is a great pro for the podcast channel.

13. Business English Podcast

You can learn business English anytime, anywhere. The course is dedicated to businesspeople of various levels. The business English they teach is divided into the following genres:

  • Business English
  • Telephoning
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Negotiations
  • Job Interviews
  • Socializing
  • Vocabulary

Yes, when you want to manage a business you have to meet all these areas and you need to speak wherever you go and that would be the purpose of the business. You have to receive business calls, attend meetings, show presentations, attempt business negotiation, attempt job interviews, take interviews of others, or deliver socializing speeches to others. For all these purposes, you must learn English. Anybody operating a company or business but does not know spoken English is quite prestigious. So, to meet all these demands, you can learn English here. However, maximum features or all podcasts are available when you are a premium subscriber. Visit the site and experience it yourself.

14. VOA Learning English Podcast

VOA Learning English Podcast is one of the top English learning podcast channels. Here, VOA stands for Voice of America. If you want to develop Spoken English skills from the very beginning to the advanced level, this channel will help you most.

  • Beginning Level

In this podcast channel, level one and level two programs are designed for beginners. These classes are designed for beginners and arranged by certified American English teachers. You have the opportunity to ASK A TEACHER where learners can ask questions to the teachers and will get answers. NEW WORDS videos will provide the meaning of new words and the explanation of words.

  • Intermediate Level

Some English teaching institutes teach English in such a way that they become dull and disconnected from real life. They are lifeless and people feel a lack of interest. Learners absorb excellent American English through news and current events related to health and lifestyle, arts and culture, science and technology, and many more. They can also strengthen their vocabulary through lifestyle events and episodes. Situation-based English will be in discussion.

  • Advanced Level

Through these classes, you will get advanced classes that help you improve your Spoken English skills. Advanced business and corporate communication, flawless spontaneous English speaking, English for a job abroad, and many other things are taught in advanced classes of VOA Learning English Podcast.

15. English Outside the Box

You may not know whether you should learn British or American English. Some people are willing to learn American English and others want to learn British English. If you are not willing to visit any American states, you should learn British English. You can learn spoken English from hundreds of podcasts. On this site, you will not get the opportunity to download the podcasts in MP3 versions. You have just to listen to the recorded voices the teacher discussed.

However, the discussion is so deep in grasping the situation. We have listened to the classes or podcasts and understood that the situation created with anything is discussed so deeply that you will get all related words or sentences that you can speak out with. So, to learn the lessons and English words related to the topic, you must visit English outside the box.


If you want to learn spoken English from any organization and want to get support from English podcast channels, you can follow these 14 best podcasts for learning English in 2024. Contact FastInfo Class® provides the top classes to the students so that they can reach their goal whatever it is. Contact us now and acquire spoken English skills.

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