Unique Ways to Learn Spoken English and Speak Like a Native

15 Unique Ways to Speak English Like a Native Speaker

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Do you have the desire to speak English like a native speaker? Not finding ways to practice English? These are common queries mostly asked by people in today’s competitive world. 

It is easy to practice written English alone if you write 100 words daily. But what about speaking English? The worst thing about improving your spoken English is that you cannot become a fluent English speaker even if you memorise a complete dictionary.  

In this blog, you’ll discover 15 uncommon ways to practice English that will help you speak like a native English speaker. 

Different Ways to Practice Spoken English 

1. Record yourself while reading

Reading out loud is the most effective technique to improve your English. But if you don’t like this idea, there is another twist. You can record yourself while reading English Novels

This strategy is effective for enhancing your intonation, pronunciation, and overall reading and speaking ability in English. Furthermore, reading will help you extend your vocabulary, making it easier to convey your ideas and views. As a result, you’ll speak English like a native English speaker. 

2. Narrate your day

Spend time narrating your day aloud, whether alone or with a speaking partner. Describe how you spend your day, what you do, where you go, and so on. You will improve your spoken English skills by talking about your day, as two typical English queries are "How was your day?" and "What did you do today?"

3. Read news Regularly 

While reading the news is considered traditional, it is also one of the finest ways to improve your English speaking skills. You only need to read articles online or buy English newspapers and magazines.

You will learn a lot of new terms and expressions this way. It is not only necessary to read but also to comprehend what you read. When reading articles in English, you will understand basic grammatical rules and sentence structure.

4. Join a language exchange program

Another distinctive way to practice spoken English is to connect with the language exchange program. This program is online, and you can join it through an app. This type of app will provide you with the opportunity to have conversations with native speakers through video chat. Practising English with them will make you a fluent English speaker and consequently, you’ll be able to speak English like a native speaker. 

5. Learn basic grammar rules

There are several excellent grammar materials available that are specifically created for students. These can be really beneficial because they clarify the rules in an easy-to-understand manner. And they frequently include examples so you can understand how the principles are applied in practice.

Prepositions such as "in," "on," "at," and "to" are examples of words to learn how to utilise correctly.

6. Repeat what you hear on TV

Look for some TV shows or movies that you enjoy watching. Imitate how the characters speak English after watching. As you will discover, tone influences meaning in English speech. You will gain a better knowledge of how to communicate in real life if you pay attention to the character's tone and body language.

7. Practice speech shadowing

Have you ever thought of using speech shadowing to enhance your vocabulary and learn English? It's a terrific method to practice your English pronunciation and become more comfortable speaking in a foreign language.

If speech shadowing is unfamiliar to you, it is basically when you listen to a native speaker and repeat what they are saying. It's a fantastic approach to learn new words and phrases as well as become familiar with the rhythm and flow of the language.

8. Sing in English

Look for English-speaking singers that you like. Sing their songs as you get to know them out loud! You can start with karaoke, which enables you to sing along while reading the words. You can expand your vocabulary and improve your word pronunciation by singing.

9. Use a mobile dictionary

Using a mobile dictionary is a terrific method to expand your vocabulary and practise your English. Unfamiliar words can be simply looked up online to learn meanings and use examples.

You can pick from a number of different mobile dictionaries. Others charge a nominal cost, while some of them are free. Whichever one you select, check to see whether it has positive reviews and if it will function properly on your phone.

10. Write comments on YouTube and blogs

Writing comments on blogs and YouTube videos is a fun method to expand your vocabulary in English. 

By taking notes on other people's comments, you can increase your vocabulary in English. Look up words in comments that you don't understand, then add them to your collection of vocabulary words. This is a fantastic approach to increase your English language proficiency.

11. Use English learning apps

Using English-speaking learning apps has several advantages.

They can assist you in learning new vocabulary, honing your pronunciation, and enhancing your spoken English. Regular conversation practice will help you become more at ease and increase your self-confidence while conversing with native English speakers, and gradually you’ll speak English like a native speaker.  

12. Create your own vocabulary list

Do you find it difficult to comprehend some of the terms people use? You're not alone, after all. Many people find it difficult to stay updated with vocabulary. But don't worry—a solution is available. Why not construct your own list of words?

Making your own vocabulary list is an excellent method to expand your vocabulary and ensure that you comprehend what others are saying.

13. Watch English shows with subtitles 

Watching English TV episodes and films with English subtitles is an excellent method to develop your English language skills. Reading the subtitles will also help you learn new vocabulary and grammar rules as you become used to hearing English spoken naturally.

Of course, watching TV isn't something you want to do all day! Make sure to combine additional activities, such as reading, writing, and speaking practice, with your English immersion. Additionally, enjoy yourself because you are learning a new language!

14. Learn phrasal verbs

Learning some phrasal verbs can be a wonderful method to expand your vocabulary if you're trying to do so. Phrasal verbs are formed by adding one or more prepositions or adverbs to a basic verb. They are a particularly flexible vocabulary tool since they may be used to convey a wide range of ideas.

There are phrasal verbs for a variety of contexts, so whether you're discussing your job, school, or your personal life, one of them will probably assist you to communicate your ideas.

15. Take English classes online

Taking English classes online for a fully immersed experience is the ideal method to practice speaking English at home. Students who join an English course will have the opportunity to speak English every day. They will converse in English with teachers and students through video.  Students in English speaking class speak in English the majority of the time.


English conversation is especially difficult. To speak English like a native speaker, you must be acquainted with slang, contractions, collocations, and idioms in addition to the other perplexing aspects of English. Therefore, use the above-mentioned techniques to get your goals fulfilled. FastInfo Class is always there to make a confident English speaker in you like any Native speaker with our online spoken English courses.

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