Fluency in English for Call Centre Jobs - Useful Tips to Improve

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By  FastInfo Class

Published on  05 Jan 2023

Updated On  02 Feb 2023

Category  Spoken English

If you don’t speak English well, it can be really challenging for you to get a job in the BPO sector. This does not imply that you ought to give up. This blog will give you some useful tips that you can use to practice and enhance your speaking skills.

How Can You Improve Pronunciation to Neutralise Your Accent

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By  FastInfo Class

Published on  24 Dec 2022

Updated On  13 Jan 2023

Category  spoken English course

The real test of your accent is more significant than your vocabulary or your grammar. Research techniques to lessen your accent before developing negative habits. Here are some useful strategies for reducing your accent and improving pronunciation.

9 Ways of Boosting Confidence While Speaking English

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By  FastInfo Class

Published on  13 Dec 2022

Updated On  02 Jan 2023

Category  Spoken English Lessons

Confidence is something that gives you the courage to overcome your fear. Some people do not have enough confidence while speaking English. This blog discusses some easy techniques that can boost your confidence.

10 Tips to Enhance Your English Essay Writing Skills

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By  FastInfo Class

Published on  06 Dec 2022

Updated On  08 Dec 2022

Category  Learn English Online

Essay writing is something that we encounter in childhood in our school. If you are facing difficulties in writing a good essay, try some of the tips given in the blog that may help you in your academic session and professional writing.

How to Encourage Your Child to Speak English Confidently?

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By  FastInfo Class

Published on  28 Nov 2022

Updated On  18 Oct 2023

Category  Spoken English for Kids

You can involve your child in various fun activities that will boost their English skills and help them overcome their phobia of speaking English in front of others. To learn how you can encourage your child to speak confidently in English, read the blog.