Importance of English While Getting a Job

Understanding the Importance of English for Getting a Job

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Approximately 20% of the world's population speaks English. The approximate number of English speakers is around 400 million, and an additional 1.5 billion people speak English as a second language.

The importance of spoken English has increased many times across the world because people want to communicate with others in regular life, the corporate world, international business communication, and many more. In higher studies, jobs in foreign countries, and similar other purposes, English plays the most important part across the world. The third world, with a growing economy, requires business with foreign countries, even where people do not speak English. They require communicating in English as a common language. There are a lot of reasons behind learning spoken English. Here are some of them.

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Why is English essential for a successful career?

English is the primary language in the fields of corporate jobs. Not only this, it is also essential for some government jobs. You know India is a country where people speak in many government-certified languages. So, a lot of government officials need to learn English to communicate with others in the area where multilingual communities reside.

Hence, it is not an option; it is necessary to learn English from a reputed online spoken English school or organization. Apart from getting a job, it will help you grow in your career. If someone learns how to speak English properly, they can get a job in an international call center, where they may earn a higher salary.

English is a Universal Language

Everybody knows that native and non-native speakers speak English for many local and international business communication purposes. When you want to have a job in the travel industry, English is a must. Hence, you must learn English prominently and fluently. When you gain fluency in English, you will have a vast opening for opportunities. A lot of companies from foreign countries outsource their projects to growing countries where the economy is not strong.

Being India is a developing country, the work related to outsourcing requires English as the fundamental language. Flawless, smooth communication helps to project coordination seamlessly. If you do not know the communication language (English), project completion would be quite impossible. Pursue an English-speaking course online and learn how to speak English efficiently.

Opens more than 80% of jobs

When you learn spoken English, you will experience more than 80% of the possibility of getting a new job. Besides, 70% of career growth happens to any employee when they learn spoken English.

Enhancement of personality

When you have a vast knowledge of spoken English and can communicate with anyone in this language, your personality will grow effectively. Every interviewee or corporate job holder who learns spoken English will grow their personality without their conscience. You can communicate with your boss and foreign clients. Hence, you will understand the job better than anybody else. The credit goes to spoken English.

Builds confidence

When you learn English, your confidence will automatically develop. If English is not in your grip, you cannot arrange words against the interviewer and crack the interview. English helps you develop listening and understanding capacity, and then you can understand promptly what others say. So, you can easily understand the questions thrown at you from the ends of the interviewers. Besides, you can easily understand spoken English wherever you communicate with others in any country.

The business world will also move around you when you have a grip on communicative English. If you want to improve your language skills, you can join a reputed online spoken English class. It will help you learn at your convenient time without hampering your regular duties.

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Easy way to crack Interviews

When you go for a government job, you have to appear for viva. In other words, it is called oral examination. A lot of higher official jobs conduct viva only in the medium of English. On the other hand, there is no corporate job that is not conducted in English. Hence, learning English enhances the possibility of cracking any interview you face in life. Communication is a vital factor anywhere in the job-seeking field. It gives you loads of positive force to crack the interview.

Standard business language

No, the job is not everything. Business leads the world, and people work for various types of reputed business firms. So, learning English enhances the job opportunity, as we have mentioned beforehand. The business of anybody will spread nationally and in foreign countries if the prime business proprietor learns spoken English, and the growth of the business will be speedy.

Writing skill development

Spoken English enhances the capability of writing skills. The teachers will help you develop your CV writing, formal letter writing, mail-content writing, and many more skills so that you can meet all your job-related requirements when you are admitted to an online spoken English course.

Making presentation

The presentation of project planning is highly essential for all companies or business entities. You need it to show prospective clients as well. So, you should have clear knowledge of spoken English as well as written English. Some people may consider that they will keep some writers for doing all these. But you need to understand what they have done, whether any changes are required, or how to make the presentation better. If you do not have an idea about spoken English, you cannot dip into project analysis. While submitting a presentation or completed project, you should speak in English with your clients. It increases your client's satisfaction, and there is a huge possibility of getting the job. So, learning English is mandatory if you want to grow in any business.

More polite and standard language

English is a very polite language and shows equality. In most languages, there is upper- and lower-class segregation, age discrimination, and many other prominent things. However, you can tell someone “you” without considering the level of the person's post, social status, age, or any other things. Hence, speaking in English makes you sure that you can speak flawlessly without considering much about the discrimination to a person in a higher post in an office or anywhere.

Moreover, English grammar and vocabulary are easier than in most of the foreign languages. That is why people accept English as their standard communicative language all over the world. Hence, the business will be progressive and grow fast in the competitive world.  


Marketing is one of the most essential parts of any business. This requires business communication with clients. When you show your capability to speak English fluently, the client will be impressed fast. Your business will grow with a successful marketing strategy.

Education and Training

When you want to know spoken English, you will be capable of getting a job in educational and training institutes. All these jobs are very standard and honorable. You may have a lot of skills in yourself, you have a lot of possibilities but, the lack of knowledge in written and spoken English may hamper your skill exposition. Hence, carry on learning English and explore the world of a secure future.

Health Science

There are a lot of departments in any country, especially the health and research institutes. There you can get jobs as researchers and trainees. If you want to get a job in these departments, English is the mandatory language. No research institute goes on without spoken and written English.

Tours and Travel

If you want tours anywhere in India or abroad, you should learn spoken English. This helps you communicate with people wherever you visit. The world is vast and the languages are countless. If you learn spoken English, you can visit anywhere with perfect communication and enjoyment. Besides, you can join there as a tourist guide.

Finance department job

To understand the invoices and bills, new compliances, rules and regulations, and many other things are essentially written in English. Hence, every accountant as well as charter accounts needs to learn spoken and written English. Besides, communication with colleagues and bosses is essential and English is the main communicative language of any corporate house.

Business Management & Administration

Business management and administration are the most essential tasks for establishing a startup business as a standout company. When it grows fast, you have to communicate internally with the other leaders and employees and high-class and potential clients. Without English, the process would be very prestigious and non-progressive.

Resignation Letter

Writing a resignation letter also requires correct English. Communicative English is essential for internal communication in a company but written English is mandatory for writing a resignation letter.

What if you do not know spoken English?

If you do not know spoken English, you are not alone. Billions of people in the world are in your group. You should never be frustrated as you do not learn English. If you feel that your career is spoilt because you do not know English, you can learn it easily. You can take admission to an online spoken English course.

Where will you pursue it? You can contact FastInfo Class®, the most trusted online platform for learning communicative English, at the lowest prices ever, at your convenience

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