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How To Overcome Language Barriers Through Online Spoken English Class?

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What is the language barrier?

No matter which language you use to communicate, your major hurdle is not being able to understand what others are saying. If you don’t understand the meaning of words said by others, then every conversation, email, report, and memo will be meaningless. You cannot implement ideas properly as a team because there is not a clear agreement on what to do and how to do it. Hence, the best way to overcome this problem is to join online spoken English classes.

Language barrier means the difficulties faced by people or groups who commonly speak different languages when trying to master a new language or just communicate effectively in their daily lives. Whatever may be the reasons for the issue, it is important to determine language barriers and manage them. When people don’t communicate in their common language, they must create techniques to elucidate their ideas and make sure that others also understand the same. 

What are the barriers for English language learners?

Language barriers usually occur when a person struggles to find new words and vocabulary to construct sentences correctly in their mind and then get it out orally. There are many learners who know the grammar rules and vocabulary but are not able to speak fluently. 

Grammar and spelling

Grammar and spelling are one of the major barriers to communication as people from different countries use it differently even in a specific word. Similarly, mistakes in grammar and spelling create a significant language barrier in written communication.

For instance, if a person types the word ‘done’ as ‘don’ by mistake, the spelling and grammar checker of the computer does not consider it as a wrong spelling as don is also a correct word. But the problem is that the word can change the meaning of the whole sentence or make the sentence unclear.

Literacy and linguistic ability

Some people have less vocabulary in a specific language while some have many. Though literacy and education enhance the need to learn new words, it is not the only reason. People can collect new vocabulary by reading and with their own interests too. People use vocabulary less in their sentences if he or she uses the language as their unofficial language. 

Similarly, the linguistic ability is the efficiency of a person in a particular language. If a highly linguistically able person communicates with a person of low ability, the latter will not be able to understand the words of the former. This leads to miscommunication of the whole message.

Unclear speech

You cannot understand the conversation of the person who speaks softly or in a low voice. You might be saying something whereas the other one might understand something else. Though communicating in a common language, people might face difficulty in understanding the meaning of the message if not spoken clearly. This is also the cause of the language barrier in communication. 

The difference in the language

The difference in language is the most significant barrier to communication as two people conversing in two different languages cannot interact with each other properly. 

For example, if a native English speaker speaks in English with a common non-native English speaker then the latter will not be able to understand the English as he doesn't know the language. So, when the person speaks, the communication becomes useless as the other person does not understand it.  

Regional accent and dialect

The accent and dialects of English speakers of different countries vary even if they speak the same English. The English accent of Indian people is different from the accent of foreign people. Though the languages are technically the same, the accents, dialects, and interpretations of words used by people are different. This may lead to various kinds of confusion.

Overcome English language barriers through online English speaking course

Online spoken English class is the best solution to overcome the English language barrier. At FastInfo class, our highly-qualified and trained teachers will help people of all ages who want to get over these language barriers and wish to understand and speak English well. Our online english speaking course will assist you in becoming an English expert in various ways.

Improve your grammar

Accuracy in grammar is a must for overcoming the English language barrier. If you don’t know the rules of grammar and how and when to use it in a sentence, then you will not be able to understand the English properly as well as communicate. Joining online spoken English will help you improve your accuracy in grammar. 

Mainly stress on pronunciation

If you don’t know the correct pronunciation of the word, then you won’t be able to understand other’s pronunciations too. Our experts of online spoken english classes will mainly focus on your pronunciation. They will teach you how to pronounce a particular word correctly. 

Help you to get new vocabulary

Many times the native English speaker uses standard vocabulary in their conversation while communicating with a person who does not speak English fluently. The latter does not understand the sentences with high vocabulary as he is not familiar with the vocabulary used by good English speakers. 

Our expert teachers will tell you about new vocabularies in online english speaking courses. They will tell each student to read a chapter from an English book and ask them to collect some words from there which are new to them.

In this way, the students get to know a lot of vocabulary. They can find the meaning of these vocabularies and use them regularly in their conversation. 

Encourage you to communicate in English

The more you communicate in English the better will be your fluency and you will understand English very well. So, you must converse in English with your friends and teachers. The proficient teachers of online spoken English class motivate the students to talk in English with them and their friends.        


Language barriers can be a challenge, but joining online spoken English classes at FastInfo Class will help you drive innovation, creativity, and success. Don’t allow language barriers to stand in your way of success and contact us as soon as possible. We will provide you with the best guidance and solution at an affordable cost.

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