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How to Deliver the Perfect Elevator Pitch in Business English

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An elevator pitch is a great way to win a client or a partner in just a few seconds with a short pitch. If you are in the field of business, you must learn spoken English and deliver the speech in English to improve your business possibilities and standard of business. Learn how to build up an elevator speech for your business or brand.  

What Is an Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch for a business is a quick summary of your business and what you want to describe. It might be a simple description or a little promotion. The term is taken from the concept of an elevator that rides from the bottom to the top in a few seconds. In this way, you have to develop a quick summary and description of a business. While forming a pitch, you have to keep in mind that it should have a total duration of 20 to 30 seconds. In other words, you can keep the summary of the company or business description between 60 and 70 words.

No matter what the size of the business or company you run, you must learn and understand the strengths of the business. If you can find out the strength of the business, you have done a lot. Then, think from the bottom to the top of an elevator. You have to do it for your business. You have to keep in mind the start, growth, and development of the business and its ultimate flourishment. The services or products the company delivers are the key highlighting points, and you have to do it. But you also have to keep in mind that you will not get enough time to explain your business during the movement of the elevator from the bottom to its top, but you have to do it. This is art, and you have to do it artistically.

Can sales get promoted for an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch for any business is a type of sales pitch. It must be persuasive. Unlike crafting a long pitch to describe your business, you have to shorten your speech so that it can be attractive, alluring, and tempting. When you craft a long business pitch, it will contain who you are, who founded it, what the target audience is, the target market, business capital, investment appeal, and everything else. When you have to do it in a few short sentences, what will you do? Just do it. It is just an explanation of your business without uttering some boring facts, rather, you have to make your audience overwhelmed in a few sentences. Just do it. You may not learn how to do it in English, as you are not good at it. Then, it is time to pursue a spoken English course.

What does a good elevator pitch contain?

A good elevator pitch will contain what people want to hear from you. They must get interested in your idea—for both job seekers and users. Job seekers will get benefits from working in your business, or users will get exceptional benefits from your product or service. You have to pitch your pitch in such a way that they will be eager to know more or will try to contact you soon.

Is an elevator pitch really for an elevator?

In today’s business portfolio, it does not necessarily require an elevator to deliver your business speech in a nutshell. The concept comes from meeting shortly in an elevator, but afterward, it has been changed to fundamental business speech. There is a rumor that the elevator pitch was inaugurated in the short duration of elevator movement from bottom to top or vice versa. The conception came in 1853 when a large number of buildings used to use elevators.

In today’s world of business, elevator speeches are used to inspire prospective customers to your business and appeal to job seekers to do jobs in your company or business.

Why is an elevator pitch essential for your business?

Being able to prepare an elevator pitch is a highly beneficial aspect of your marketing strategy. Are you feeling it is outdated? No, it is not at all. Some basic strategies of business do not change over time. This grassroots business strategy is always the best way to promote your business and attract your clients.

Nowadays, you may not require a business meeting with anybody and do not need your business description in the short time of elevator movement. However, when you meet prospective clients, have short conversations about your business, or write emails to any company or client, you have to make them short and sweet.  When you are in a networking event where you have a short period to deliver your business speech, you should create crispy and short informative notes that people grab quickly.

But how will you do it if you do not know English properly? Whether you deal with national or international business, you must learn English to describe your business. Your mother tongue may not understand any of the people you are meeting. Then, you have to learn spoken English. You can also pursue spoken English classes online to meet your goal.

Hence, when you summarize your entire company profile, strengths, and targets in a short speech, it keeps people engaged. When you can do it, you can deliver information about your company to your target audience to pique their interest wherever you meet them or run into them. Your business prospects will reach them.  

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How to form an elevator pitch

A good elevator pitch is a demonstration to get people interested in your service, product, or idea of business. The pitch would be so inspiring that they would try to contact you or want to know more. Find the strength that makes others or a group of clients in a few lines. Prepare a note and do it. Speak out and record it. After recording, listen to your speech yourself and decide whether it is persuasive.

What is the recommended elevator pitch length?

The speech must continue from 20 seconds to 30 seconds. Hence, the word limit would be 60–70.

An elevator speech is something that does not mean that the speaker has a business or manages a business. They may start a new business or have some great ideas about business. People with a business goal may also pitch a conceptual business pitch.

Keep in mind that it doesn't matter whether you want to start a business, have online business ideas, or already have a business and are looking for ways to grow. Any company employee may also give a business pitch in English to attract customers to boost sales. So, a successful business elevation pitch is essential to growing your business. If you can keep the impact on the minds of customers short, there is nothing better than this. Hence, to increase the sales of any company, a business pitch is highly essential.

Let’s tell in short! The object of an elevator pitch or sales speech is to explain (sometimes through emails) a product or business so that it gets a hike in sales in the market. During an email promotion, nobody bothers to read a long email. Within a few words, they want to learn everything that a business promoter wants to convey. So, be short, be crisp to gain through business promotion, and grow the interest of the client. You must give enough information with prompt explanation, but not so much that the audience loses interest in your business.

Hence, an elevator pitch must be irrefutable, understandable, succinct, and attractive.

What did you consider?

Creating a business elevator speech is not as complicated as you consider. Just summarize everything about your business in a few sentences and add its strengths. You have to keep in mind about the audience for which you are creating it.

If you have a product manufacturing company, you have to use some USPs for customers and different speech for job seekers. You may also have to use another script for email promotion or selling in a foreign country. The basic strategy of creating a business remains the same, but the USP (unique selling point) would be different. Summarize the business in such a way that covers all the strengths of the business according to the business clients to whom you are about to show your strength.

Know your goal

You have to determine which goal you want to establish in your elevator speech. If you want to get a co-founder for your industry, you have to write a speech that draws attention to the people who desire to be co-founders. The possibilities are countless. Try to display something unique things that help attract the attention of the co-founder.

Describe your business shortly

In any creative elevator speech, shorten your business profile in one or two sentences. It is very difficult to bring all your business profile to such a level, especially when the business has a lot of things to explore. Think, think, and think and then it will be possible.

Mention what your company is and what it offers to the particular client segment.  Mention business features or technical data. Explain how helpful to nature or while using it. Why it is the best compared to others.

Explain what makes your industry unique from others

You may not be alone in the business in the location where you are. There are a lot of businesses that are also trying to reach the top in a particular industry. You need to highlight the point where you stand out, leaving others behind. Mention why your service or product is better than others. Tell the problem solution procedure and other complaint resolution verticals that can make you stand out.

Whenever you are visiting new people, joining networking events, or cold emailing, you need to persuade the target audience and where you want to establish business. Therefore, you must explain why you are better and different from others in an elevator pitch.

Your pitch must be positive

Nobody wants to listen to negative words. So, don’t negatively approach your elevator speech. You need not put others in the guillotine, rather you can carry on describing your positivity to the potential customers. They will put other companies down in their mind by building a positive note on your business.

For example, if you want to convey your idea about your quick service-providing company, you do not need to mention that other companies take weeks to solve whereas you solve it in a few hours. Just state your business offers quicker service. You can easily outdo the competition.

Get to great command of English  

When you learn professional English and have a great command over words, you can easily form a business promotional or selling pitch for your business. Otherwise, the expression would be very critical. So, you can contact an English teaching organization where you can pursue a spoken English course to have a great command over the language. You know customers want to listen to their mother tongue as well as English. They standardize your business in terms of how you have command over professional English. After all, all your customers won’t be native or in your mother tongue. When you have to convince them, you have to express your views in English.

Be Precise

When you know your business, you have a lot of things to describe to the audience. You will start it too. But, your audience will lose interest and will not understand where your strength lies. Hence, you have to make it precise and pointed, with a perfect summary of what you want to express.

Once people get the summary, the audience will be eager to learn more about your business. They will either call you to learn or wait to listen to you.

Now you can explain every summary point that you have described before. If you are in a seminar, you can explain your business and its strengths then. So, summarize your business idea, process, and everything else before forming an elevator pitch.

Reach the solution

Whether you are sending an email with an elevator pitch or making a short speech in front of the audience of a seminar, reach out for the solution to the problem they are suffering from. If they need a critical IT solution, and your company offers it, mention to which depth you can reach. Once their desire and your service match, they will be your prospective customers.

In another example, if anybody has dry skin, and you sell a lotion. Your speech should contain how great it is to solve the dry skin of everybody. Every individual becomes a major investor when they are combined. If they get benefits, they will become your lifetime customer. Isn’t it amazing?

Conclude with a bang

A conclusion matters most. At the end of any elevator speech, you need to make your audience's conception puffy with hope. The conception regarding your product or service must take in the air that they are the best and can be the cure-all.

Apart from this, the conclusion of the pitch must be thought-provoking. You must make the speech so that they try to think something about your product or service. You can also arrange a pole to engage your audience. As long as they think about your business products, they are likely to be your prospective customers. It opens a great door to your business opportunity. Hence, make them think of your business.

Where is elevator speech required?

According to Business News Daily, you can use elevator speech in three situations: you are meeting someone for the first time when the person’s attention is not prominent, and the person in position wants to support you.

  1. For a skincare-producing company:

Do you want to get a skin care product to get natural skin all year round? Then, ABC is the best because we do not use parabens and phthalate, and use only herbal extracts with natural minerals. Making your skin soft, supple, and non-sticky is the prime motto. Would you like to have a try?

  1. For a housekeeping company:

You may fail to judge your service provider by listening to their promises. Here, our company does not rely on slogans, but on the service we provide. No matter how frequently you need cleaning, our experts can do it flawlessly by maintaining personal sanitation and hygiene. Give us a try to satisfy you.

  1. Wanted for investors

Who does not want to invest in a profitable business? You will be amazed at looking at the rocket growth of our food industry. In the last 10 years, we have opened branches in 20 big cities in India. The growth is for healthy and hygienic food preparation and distribution at an affordable price. Notice our track record and invest to gain something you never expected!

Hopefully, you have understood how to write a successful and engaging elevator pitch for your business. If you want to get the best elevator pitch inside, you have to think a lot, summarize the business, and bring out the strength and why it is helpful for the target audience. Learn professional written and spoken English and help your business a lot.

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