How to become a successful Ethical Hacker

How to Become a Successful Ethical Hacker: Follow 10 Simple Steps

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Are you thinking of pursuing your career as a proficient ethical hacker? A career in ethical hacking can be attractive if you enjoy the world of coding and challenges. This blog will give you in-depth information about ethical hacking and how you can become the same. Continue reading this blog for more knowledge. 

What is Ethical Hacking?

The word “hacking” has a bad impression; however, that’s only until the job of an ethical hacker is completely understood. Ethical hackers are the good guys in the hacking world, the ones that wear the “white hat”. So, what exactly is the work of an ethical hacker? Instead of using their advanced computer skills for illicit activities, good hackers find gaps in data computer security for businesses and organisations across the globe to protect them against hackers with less honest intentions.  

What Are the Steps to Become an Ethical Hacker?

The following steps mentioned below might assist you in becoming a good hacker. 

Step 1. Get Active in LINUX/UNIX

LINUX/UNIX is an open-source operating system that gives better security to computer systems. As a hacker, you can’t skip LINUX because it’s one of the most well-known operating systems for hacking and gives a plethora of tools.  

Red Hat Linux, Kali Linux, Ubuntu, and BackTrack, are some typical Linux distributions. Kali Linux is a popular Linux distribution that has been specially designed for hacking. 

Step 2. Understand the Mother of All Programming Languages

One of the most basic programming languages, C programming, is often known as the mother of all programming languages. C programming is the foundation for understanding UNIX/LINUX because this operating system is entirely written in C. Therefore, hackers must learn C programming in order to utilise the open-source operating system Linux fully. 

A good hacker must have a better knowledge of two or three languages to be an in-demand hacker. Some of the programming languages for hackers are Python, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. You can also enrol in the ethical hacking course to learn these programs.

Step 3. Learn the Skill of Being Anonymous

The most critical step in ethical hacking is learning how to be anonymous and disguise your identity online so that no mark is left and no one can follow you down. Often, an ethical hacker doesn’t know who else is on the network, and if a black hat hacker finds that someone is there on the network, they may try to hack their system. Thus, it is important for hackers to know how to be anonymous.

Step 4. Get to Know About Networking Concepts

Another critical and necessary step for you to become an ethical hacker is to grasp networking ideas and how networks are built. You should be familiar with numerous networks and protocols because this will help you manipulate drawbacks.

Thus, mastering various networking principles and tools such as Wireshark, Nmap, and so on will be extremely valuable. 

Step 5. Analyse the Hidden Web

The dark web is a component of the internet that is invisible to search engines and must be accessed using an anonymous browser such as Tor, etc. You’ve probably heard of the dark web as a hub of illicit activity, it is not completely illegal, but it also has some positive and legal sides. So, it is important to learn about the dark web and how it operates. 

Step 6. Add Secret Writing Art to Your Skill Set

Cryptography, sometimes known as the art of secret writing, is something that every hacker should be familiar with. Encryption and decryption are key hacking techniques. Encryption is frequently utilised in many elements of information security, including authentication, confidentiality, and data integrity. 

Password packets exchanged over the network and other information on a network are always encrypted. So, as a hacker, you must detect and breach the encryption. 

Step 7. Plunge Deeper Into Hacking

Once you’ve mastered the topics covered till now, it’s time to involve yourself in this profession. Try delving into hacking principles and understanding topics like vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, SQL injections, and much more.   

Learning is never-ending in the world of hacking because security changes every day with new system updates. As a result, you must stay updated on the latest tools and methods for cracking or securing a system.   

Step 8. Identify Loopholes

The system will buckle with just one vulnerability. A vulnerability is a flaw or a gap in the system. Look for such flaws by scanning the system, network, and so on. Experiment with writing your weaknesses and exploiting the system.  

Step 9. Experiment and Practice to Be Perfect Hacker

After you’ve learned certain concepts, sit back and fix them. Continue to practice them in a variety of settings and scenarios. Create your own laboratory for experimentation. Use these labs to put various tools, assaults, and other things to the test.   

Step 10. Participate in Discussions and Meet Professional Hackers

Making a community or joining discussions that enable conversation with other hackers around the world is crucial for becoming an ethical hacker. This will facilitate knowledge exchange, sharing, and teamwork. Join communities on a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Telegram, Discord, and more.   


Thus, following the abovementioned steps can help you become an ethical hacker. The processes may differ from person to person, but the final result will be the same! If you’re interested in learning ethical hacking, you can enrol in an Ethical Hacking course at FastInfo Class to get in-depth knowledge of ethical hacking from our highly skilled professionals and get certified as an expert hacker.

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