7 Best online speaking English course in 2024

7 Best Spoken English Courses Online - 2024

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In recent times it is very important to learn spoken English. Spoken English is required in every sphere of life nowadays. Whether you want to crack your dream job, get a promotion in your job or you want to travel abroad, English is very important. So, you should look for best spoken English course where you can excel your skill and become proficient in English.

Learning spoken English is not a difficult task at all, you just need determination and willpower. Many new English learners lose their determination in the middle of the learning spoken English journey. So, it is always advisable to engage an expert for yourself, who will guide you throughout the journey or join some best spoken English classes online so that you can stick to your goal. There are also some benefits of joining a Spoken English class, some of them are:

  • You can ask your doubts to the teachers
  • You can interact with the teachers in English which will boost your spoken English skills.

In this article, we will mention some of the top Spoken English classes that you should join as they will guide you throughout the journey to improve your English speaking skills and enhance your career.

Best Spoken English Classes Online

1. FastInfo Class®

FastInfo Class® is one of the top and best online speaking English courses online in the industry serving every age group of the society. The experts of FastInfo Class® are vastly experienced and have catered to a lot of students till now. They also provide their spoken English classes depending on the flexibility of their students. They also cater to some special courses for their students to grow their personalities and make them corporate-ready. To name some of their special courses, they are:

  • 1:1 English Courses
  • 3 Month English course

FastInfo Class® is recognized by Govt. of India and ISO certified having more than 50K students enrolled in their courses, and having a Google and TrustPilot rating of 4.5 stars and 4.6 stars respectively. They also provide their students with 100% placement assistance. FastInfo Class® provides all these facilities to their students at the lowest fees in India. In one word, if you join FastInfo Class® then you are getting everything that too at the lowest price.

2. Udemy

Udemy is also an online spoken English course provider with an immense educational material database. You can avail pre-recorded video lectures and exercises for most areas of self-directed study. If you want some of the best spoken English classes online, Udemy has almost all of them.

Udemy has a very big database where you can learn some spoken English tips and tricks, but Udemy courses are mainly lessons type, with less interaction with the experts.

3. London School Online

London School Online is one of the best online speaking English courses that offers their students Zoom English tutorials mainly specialized in speaking and preparing for competitive exams like IELTS and are relatively adaptable according to your needs. They follow a process like their experts or teachers will examine your level and will discuss your learning goals to make sure to get the correct type of lessons.

4. Alison

This is an online course that is free having an immense database that has various lessons that guide you with Spoken English exam tips, complex grammar, useful everyday phrases and many more. Alison’s Online spoken English class includes:

  • Art of Speaking
  • Skills for speaking effectively
  • Writing English effectively

Remember one thing in this course there will be no one to guide you or to clear your doubts, all these that are mentioned above are designed only for self-study which means there is no scope for interacting with an expert. This is a drawback of this course, if you are determined enough to study alone, then you can choose Alison.

5. British Council

This is a well-known and one of the best online speaking English courses that provides an in-person spoken English classes provider that has educational resources which you can access online. It is also a self-study course which costs around $7.30 per month more or less. It also offers its students live online spoken English Classes, which can help them to grow their spoken English fluency. 

The only disadvantage of this British Council course is that you have to purchase a monthly or yearly plan to access their teachings and lessons, otherwise, you cannot access them.

6. Oxford Online English

This course provides their students with various ways to improve their student's fluent English speaker and one thing that you should notice is that this course has been ranked in the list of best spoken English classes. If you join their courses you can enroll on their courses through Skype or WhatsApp, interact with native speakers and get self-study materials. After every lesson, their trained tutors or experts will give you feedback personally and will help you to grow effectively. 

There is only one drawback to this course, the course charges very high for their students. They charge their students around $47.99 for a 90-minute course more or less. Oxford Online English classes also have few experts, and you can't read their reviews and filter your search while applying for teachers.

7. Clapingo

This is also a very effective spoken English course, and has many advantages for their students like: 1:1 Spoken English Course, 100% practice based learning. They also have vastly experienced teachers but their trial starts @99/-. You cannot avail free trial on this platform, but if you want to join them you can try them out.

Conclusion: There are a lot of websites out there in the market that offer spoken English courses to their students, but in my opinion, you should go with such a company, who provides guidance to their students throughout their journey and where you can interact in spoken English with their teachers and experts.

In my opinion, FastInfo Class® is the best choice to grow your spoken English fluency, as they have a vast student base and vastly experienced teachers.

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