14 Tips To Learn English With Movies and Films [2024 Guide]

14 Tips To Learn English With Movies And Films [2024 Guide]

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English movies are full of love stories, crimes, histories, and more. They are somehow different from the traditional Indian films. Most young generations like to enjoy English movies for enjoying love stories, thrillers, or other enjoyable episodes, VFX, and whatnot. Hollywood movies are created with the utmost visual attraction, you know. So, why don't people enjoy them?

But, can you get any other benefit from these movies? Yes, you will surely get other benefits. You can learn English with movies and films while enjoying them. The conception is not new to anybody. For years, people have been using English movies with English subtitles to learn English.

Especially, when you are a little bit habituated to English, learn some basic spoken English, and a bit of grammar, and want to practice perfect pronunciation with special spoken terms in different situations; learning English through movies and films would be the best choice.

Learn English through Movies and Films: 14 Fundamental Tips

1. Choose Cartoon Movies:

Cartoon movies are excellent and most of the spoken English teaching faculties recommend their students enjoy cartoon movies for learning spoken English. Those movies are pronounced clearly by the little ones which are prominent, easy to listen to, and easy to understand, and you can nicely get the meaning of it. The theme of the cartoon movies is simple, enjoyable, and easy to grasp.

You may consider that you do not like cartoon movies. Yes, it might be your conception. Everybody has a child-like mind hidden in maturity. You can get very nice stories and thrills along with love stories in the cartoon “Rapunzel”. You may have heard the name of the movie. Believe me, when I went to learn spoken English in adulthood, my teacher recommended this and some other movies. It’s a long series of stories that you surely enjoy.

The characters speak very smoothly and slowly, which you can easily understand. The pronunciation is perfect and sweet to listen to as the small girls and boys are speaking. The voice modulation, intonation, and accent are excellent. There is no jumble of contents, pronunciation, or hue and cry that you cannot understand. If you want to learn English through movies and films, this series of episodes will surely help.

Apart from Rapunzel, you can also listen to Barbie and the Secret Door, Frozen Forever, Alice in Wonderland, etc.

2. Choose the movies you like to watch:

If you are a beginner or have started learning Basic spoken English from any institute or English organization, you should better watch the movies that are already familiar to you. Some movies give you a lot of fun. The events of the movie, facts, and everything you know previously. When you watch those movies with English subtitles, you will learn new English words, ways of expressions, and more.

Not only English movies, you can watch some native movies with English subtitles. You can watch the movies in your mother tongue or any language. This will not enhance the pronunciation and listening power. It will enhance the power to convert your known language to English and some special terms.

3. Choose interesting films and movies:

If you sit in front of a TV or computer playing a boring movie, you will learn almost nothing. Even kids do not want to watch movies or cartoons which makes them boring. Hence, you have to choose the movies that attract you and seize your mind to learn something or get some fun and amusement. But, every time one thing is common, you should not forget to turn on the English subtitles.

4. Use subtitles:

Yes, at last, I have put it in the subheading. You must turn on the English subtitles. When you listen to English, you may not understand the pronunciation you are listening to. Then, the subtitle will help you understand what you are listening to. A new learner cannot understand the native language. Then, the subheading matters most.

5. Start from small movies:

If you want to learn English with movies and films, you should start with short movies. You know this time you are sitting for learning not only for entertainment. So, along with entertainment, you have to learn. If the movie becomes long, you may be bored with learning. Besides, thought consumption matters most. If you wait for the consumption of the entire thought but the movie is long, you cannot do it. A certain irritation and boredom will go on their minds. Understanding the entire fact is also a matter where you will learn to get a summary of the fact. It is also a part of understanding the message through the dialogue of a movie (with the support of subtitles too).

6. Break up a long movie:

All your favorite movies are not short. They might be a full-length movie. Then, break it up so that you do not become bored. You can also choose the parts of the movie that you like most. Here is also I am reminding you that you have to turn on the subtitle of the movie to understand it more clearly. You can also divide it into 10-minute segments per session when you sit for enjoyment. If you like more, you can extend another session of 10 minutes. But, you have to learn in-depth. So, take your time and learn gradually. You know, “Slow but steady wins the race.” Go slow, be steady, and focus mainly on learning pronunciation, English meaning, and spoken terms. Learning grammar and other things should be from a Basic spoken English course.

7. Listen learn and repeat:

English native movies are critical to understanding. You know how you speak your mother tongue. We never use standard pronunciation. Local influence affects pronunciation. Hence, the people who want to learn your mother tongue will surely fall in great distress when they listen to you and want to learn theoretical language. It happens to you when you listen to native English. So, listen, learn, and repeat the part of the movie. Try to grab the language, pronunciation, vocal modulation, intonation, and all. Repeat the part when you cannot understand. If you grab a session of 20 minutes a day in-depth and minutely, you can easily learn the language in a few days.

8. Focus on the movies from single country:

It is an open secret that when you change the country of origin of the movie, you will notice some differences in pronunciation. Besides, different countries use different types of jargon, terms, and phrasal verbs.  Hence, it would be critical to understand. Therefore, when you watch for entertainment, accept any type of movie of any origin. But when you want to watch movies to learn English speaking online through watching movies, focus on watching movies from single countries.

9. Watch movies and films with friends:

Do you have some friends who are also eager to learn spoken English? You can watch the movies with them if there are any. When you watch movies and films together with any of your like-minded buddies, you will get them to discuss the movie, its English, pronunciation, word choice, or meaning of the word.

10. Keep a notepad:

When you watch the movie, you will get various kinds of essential terms, words, and phrases that you can use in your everyday life. Then, pause the movie instantly and note it down along with the exact meaning of the word. You can search for the meaning of the word on the web or from any online dictionary. Give some time and revise them every day until you learn them by heart.  

11. Select the film that matches your current English standards:

Some people want to learn basic spoken English and some want advanced English. The other group of people want to learn from basic to advanced English. Depending on each group, you can select the English movie and films. Basic to medium-level learners can choose cartoon movies as their primary learning and easy understanding. If you want a little advanced learning, you can select Jurassic Park, Notting Hill, Clueless, The Hunger Games, The King’s Speech, The Queen, The Wizard of Oz, or Men in Black.

For the advanced level learners, the recommended movies are:
  • Forrest Gump
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • Toy Story
  • Big Bang Theory
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Social Network
  • Theory Of Everything
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Romeo and Juliet

12. Need not use subtitles always:

When you watch movies, using subtitles is a great idea for basic-level learners. When you want to learn English with movies and films, you need to regularize the subtitles. Yes, basic learners require subtitles to understand English. When you are accustomed to listening and understanding (at your intermediate or advanced level), you can turn off subtitles. At this level, your brain will be idle if you carry on. So, when you are strong enough, stand on your own feet and learn English without subtitles.

13. Use media player:

Today, technology has improved. TV has become smart. There is nothing to say about smartphones, laptops, or computers. Install a media player so that you can easily regular the movie that you are playing. You can easily play and pause or go back to your desired location of the movie. However, you can install the media player on your smart TV as well to enjoy movies on a large display. On the other hand, you can also play movies on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, MX Player TV, or similar other online platforms. You can easily use them and learn English. All these platforms and media players are great in operation and learning English.

14. Keep a dictionary:

If you want to learn English, vocabulary is a must to increase. Otherwise, nobody can speak English or any language fluently. You can keep a pocket dictionary like Oxford Pocket Dictionary, Collins Gem Pocket Dictionary, etc. Besides, you can subscribe to the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary application (10th edition supportive for Android and iOS platforms). Whenever you get any unknown words, you can easily check the meaning from the dictionary or application. Paper dictionaries will help you to learn more words, their derivatives, and related words. The application-based dictionary helps you get pronunciation support.

Reasons to Learn English with Movies and Films

a. Its real-life English

You want to learn real-life English and not bookish and grammatical English. The textbook learning teaches you grammar, vocabulary, and some reading texts. They cannot teach you spoken English. It can only enrich you with grammar and vocabulary. But when in need, you will forget it. It is amazing, isn’t it? If you learn great grammar and vocabulary, try to speak. I can challenge you, you will not be able to utter a single line during your speaking time. So, listen, learn, and use vocabulary, learning them from all these ways mentioned.

b. It’s not bookish learning

When you learn English with Movies and Films, you will learn real-life English. The native speakers speak in this way. You can listen to the way they pronounce, speak, and utter expressions. An expression denoting words will surely be different from your native language. This will improve listening and understanding capabilities as well as the native pronunciation that no book can give.

c. Learn English words in the specific context

Consider the days of schools! There, we used to learn English vocabulary from the list. This cannot make you capable of understanding where they are used, how to use and what they mean in a sentence. When you get the same word in use by a native speaker, you will learn everything that you want to learn. This practical contextual usage helps learners learn how they are used in practical life.

If you want to learn English speaking online, you can use online media that plays English videos. If you learned the word "detective," you can get it in a sentence or before a person’s name. The usage would be different. Sometimes, it would be a noun or maybe an adjective. You can get their practical use and learn the place where it is used.

d. Learn how things are said

People often say that only 7% of regular communication comes from words. Then, how does the other 93% get communicated?

The answer is simple. You will communicate through language, facial expressions, body language, smiles or frowns, vocal tones (crying or laughing), and many other ways. So, you got your answer. You will get to know this by watching movies and films.

e. It gives you cultural insight

If you watch movies, you will learn the cultural insight of a group of people and demographic area. On the other hand, you will learn the insight of time/age when the event happened. You may also get the socio-economic insight there. The way they speak and the cultural insight of the people will help you speak with others in society. You can learn about corporate culture from a movie.

In this way, you can learn English through movies and films. If you have already been admitted to a spoken English learning organization, start watching movies and films. Otherwise, take admission to FastInfo Class® and learn basic to advanced level English.

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